Vibrating Baby Bed: A Halo SnoozyPod Review

Can anyone else relate to this scenario in your bedroom?   Its bedtime and after a long day you just want five minutes to yourself to unwind.  Your favorite magazine or book has been sitting on your nightstand untouched for god knows how long. You haven’t been able to read it because bedtime means everyone pile into mom and dad’s bed.  For us we have had numerous failed attempts at getting Isabella to sleep in her own bed.  That’s right friends, Isabella sleeps in our bed right in between us.  That was until we discovered ….. The HALO SnoozyPod!
This post was written in partnership with HALOSleep but all opinions expressed are my own.
After countless sleepless nights trying to get her to sleep in her own bed and one night in particular that felt like something out of the movie The Shining we finally waved the white flag and surrendered.  Thankfully my husband and I are not sleepers and don’t need that much sleep. Seriously, this got to the point where neither one of us could handle it anymore.  Every attempt, strategy, toy and device we tried failed at successfully keeping Isabella in her bed at night.
When I initially connected with HALO in regards to their newly launched HALO SnoozyPod – a soothing vibrating bedtime device – I was hesitant to try it. I thought, why would this be any different than every other mechanism that has entered her bedroom.  However we are HUGE fans of the HALO SleepSack swaddle – its actually the ONLY swaddle and “blanket” that we have used with Summer – so we figured we would give it a try.  Also to note Isabella still wears a HALO SleepSack.  The version for toddlers has an unique foot openings allowing for movement while keeping her warm and snuggly at night.

Isabella and Summer in their HALO SleepSack swaddles

What is the HALO SnoozyPod?

The HALO SnoozyPod is a vibrating, all-in-one bedtime soother. Let me tell you, this product is essential for all the Moms out there that are sleep deprived. It helps your baby not only go to sleep, but stay asleep!

The Technology

It combines soothing sounds, an amber glow night light and gentle vibrations all of which work to lull toddlers to sleep.  The SnoozyPod also projects a star and moon nigh light onto the ceiling.   By using a soft amber LED bulb the nightlight, will not interrupt your child’s circadian rhythm so it not only helps them to go to sleep but it also helps them to stay asleep.  It plays 4 comforting sounds: heartbeat, white noise, soothing stream, & rainforest.  Another benefit of the SnoozyPod, it is Bluetooth enabled!  Yes that’s right you can activate the functions from anywhere in your home.  The Bluetooth App is now available for Andriod and Apple in their respective app store.  Search HALO SnoozyPod to download.

Why Every Mom Needs One

We’ve all been there. We’ve all either done the army crawl out of the bedroom or tip toed out as if you were walking on glass. Of course, only to have a single beam in the floor creak to wake up your sleeping child.

The worst right?

Well, the Bluetooth capabilities allow you to turn the SnoozyPod on or off without disturbing your child’s sleep and peaceful environment.  The soothing sounds can also be played for 30-minutes, or set to play all night long.

When we had Isabella we lived in a small apartment.  The SnoozyPod would have been hugely beneficial to help quiet typical household noises that often disrupt sleep – like talking in a voice louder than a whisper.   We often joked that we should listen to the tv with headsets so it wouldn’t wake her up.

But it was the gentle vibrations created by the HALO SnoozyPod that helped lull Isabella to sleep – and might I admit myself.  So I’m talking to any tired mama out there who just wants a full night’s rest. This is the product that helped us get Isabella to sleep.  The simulation reminded me of the term “rocking a baby to sleep”. This is basically the toddler’s version of being rocked to sleep.

How To Install The SnoozyPod:

Don’t worry, it is SO easy to install!  It arrived in a rather large box and my initial thought was – great another item that needs assembly – but instead it was super simple! Just lift the mattress, slide the SnoozyPod under the mattress at a 90-degree angle, then lay SnoozyPod flat and run power cord under the mattress.

How long can you use the SnoozyPod?

So I’m sure you are thinking ummm how long can I use this magical device? Well, it’s designed to fit most cribs, toddler, and twin beds. The SnoozyPod fits snugly under the mattress leaving a safe, flat, firm surface for your child to comfortably sleep. Most importantly, HALO has a safe sleep mission. They know that when a baby is happy and comfortable in their crib, they are more likely to stay in the safest place for them, their own bed.

Afraid it will run out of juice in the middle of the night?! It is powered by an AC adapter and has 4 AA back-up optional batteries. So you can rest assured the SnoozyPod has enough juice to last through the night.

Real Reviews

Think I’m just another blogger endorsing a product?  Well I did my homework and read reviews from real people, just like me, who love using the SnoozyPod.  Here is what they had to say…

From Beth of Garcia Diaries

“The SnoozyPod has been a GAME-CHANGER for my 2yo AND baby! My 2yo loves the vibrating feature and nightlight and my baby loves the noise. This product has actually helped my 2yo stay in her bed all night and not cry at bedtime. HIGHLY recommend!”

From Stephanie of Olive and Tate:

“I would highly recommend the SnoozyPod if you’re having a tough time moving a babe from a bassinet or sleeper to the crib, if your babe wakes in the night and has a tough time falling back to sleep or if your baby is used to/loves sleeping with motion/vibration. I also think it really has helped with our transition to sleeping solely on a crib mattress – and I’ll admit to being really worried about that particular change, but it’s been painless!”

From the tired mama behind The Chic Series – Me!

“Whether you have a baby or a toddler the HALO SnoozyPod is designed to help make bedtime more enjoyable for all involved.  The SnoozyPod is easy to install.   It slides underneath the mattress of a crib or twin bed making it simple for any tired parent to install.  The amber night light, comforting white noise sounds and gentle vibrator are designed to not only sooth your baby to sleep but to help them stay asleep.  The Bluetooth technology allows you to activate the functions from anywhere in the house so you can and your child can finally get a good night’s sleep.  From one formally tired mama to another – the HALO SnoozyPod works.”

Thank you to HALOSleep for partnering with me on this post.  And an extra special thank you to you my readers for allowing me to share my favorite products with you!


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