Winter White Party Decor!

A photo of DYG by Ariana Clare_54

Let one of our favorite trends – WINTER WHITE – be the theme for your next fete. Here’s how you can create a winter white theme at your next event:

1. Start with a plain white or light colored table cloth.

2. We went to HomeGoods and selected various glass jars in all shapes and sizes to hold our white treats.

3. The easiest part is picking out all your favorite treats that are white (Popcorn, marshmallows, white chocolate chips, anything covered in white chocolate…you get the picture) and start filling all of the jars and bowls with your white snacks.

4. We sprinkled confetti and sparkles on the table to give it a glittery glow like sun hitting the snow.  We also hung Martha Stewart Confetti to add some decor to the walls.  White balloons are another great option.

5. Candles and flowers are always great fillers in a spread.  We chose glittery gold candles and white hydrangeas to as the final accents on our winter white tablescape.

A photo of DYG by Ariana Clare_62
A photo of DYG by Ariana Clare_68

A photo of DYG by Ariana Clare_59

A photo of DYG by Ariana Clare_56

A photo of DYG by Ariana Clare_55

Photos by Ariana Clare and read her beautiful blog here

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