What To Wear To A Children’s Birthday Party

Is it just me or does it feel like the whole kids birthday party situation is getting out of control?  Maybe its the popularity of a first birthday party requiring as much planning as a small wedding. Or maybe its just the need to compensate for something else.  Mom guilt anyone?  Whatever it may be I feel like when we get the invitation I’m often wondering what do I wear to this event?!  Yes I’m a fashion blogger so of course this comes into my mind.  But I have a sense that I might not be the only one who wonders what a stylish mom wears to a children’s birthday party.
So what may you ask does one wear to a children’s birthday party?  How do you maintain the balance between being appropriately dressed but not trying tooooo hard?   I came up with an outfit that if you do decide to get out of your workout gear – no judgement – you will look and feel chic.  This simple outfit formula is tried and true and The Chic Series community has been LOVING this tunic sweater!


Tunic Top + Skinny Jeans/Leggings + Comfortable Shoes + One Bold Accessory

This look requires minimal effort and thinking but will guarantee that you look like that chic mom who does casual style so well.  Part of my mission with this post was also to find practical mom outfits.  Because let’s be honest not only will you look out of place at a children’s birthday party in high heels but you will also be uncomfortable.  As you can tell I put this outfit to the test at the park with Summer.  Clearly there were no issues with running around and chasing after her.

Why does this outfit work so well?  For starters it is comfortable.  Hurray for comfortable mom friendly outfits!  The tunic sweater is slouchy enough that it’s not super form fitting so you can indulge in a slice – or two – of birthday cake.  Yet it is also not so big that it looks sloppy.  I would highly recommend sizing down for a closer fit.  If this hasn’t convinced you yet it is also offered in 6 colors!  Because I am obsessed with it – yep you can see how I styled it here in green, pink, black, and red.  Next up on my list is the mauve color.  However, I recently discovered this mauve tunic style which is $100 less expensive.  At only $49 its a little more of a mom friendly price point.  So Ill be testing out this style and reporting back to you!

What do you wear with this tunic top?  My rule of thumb when wearing one oversized item is to balance out the proportions with a more tailored option like skinny jeans or leggings.  When it comes to denim I have been LOVING this pair!  This cropped slim straight leg denim style is more flattering for my body type.  Skinny jeans can emphasize muscular thighs and make legs look disproportionate whereas a straight style creates a longer leaner line. After buying the black color way and falling in love with them I knew I had to have them in another color!  Lucky for us I discovered them in this slightly faded color!

Sweater Tunic & Less Expensive Option // Denim // Sneakers // Sunglasses // Summer’s Romper // Denim Jacket // Headband

I mean let’s be honest. The real reason I love this tunic top is because you can legit wear it with leggings.  That’s right friends it will fully cover the front and the back.  In my book leggings are totally acceptable if you are covering the crotch and the buns.  Sorry there is no way to sugar coat this statement.  No one, regardless of your body type needs to have that on display during the daytime unless you are at the gym.

So you need legging recommendations?  Here are my three favorites and why I love them.

  1. This high waisted style by Zella is comfortable and inexpensive.  Plus it also goes over the belly button so you can conceal and contain.
  2. Everyone loves Spanx but have you tried their faux leather legging?  This pair at only $98. It comes in 4 colors and is perfect to dress up your tunic for a casual holiday party
  3. Lysee is another great inexpensive legging brand.  I’m loving this maroon color paired back to the white with leopard flats.

So let’s talk shoes!  I’m still on the hunt for a super comfortable pair of flats so in the meantime I will stick to my Golden Goose Sneakers or Stuart Weitzman Lowland Over The Knee Boots.  While both styles are considered a splurge I will admit I get a ton of use out of both of these styles.  Originally I was a seller of the let’s call it like it is – overpriced dirty sneakers.  I saw them on a ton of other moms but I finally bought in when I saw my favorite NYC Soul Cycle teacher wearing them.  They are a great item to complete any chic mom outfit.

Stuart Weitzman Over The Knee Boots while they may seem expensive initially are super versatile, meaning you will get a ton of wear out of them and get your money’s worth.  They are constantly my go-to choice of footwear in the fall and winter.  As someone who favors comfortable footwear and a more casual vibe during the daytime these are an incredible option to have in your closet.  No joke they are my footwear of choice when I’m walking around NYC.  Both the Golden Goose and The Lowland OTK Boots instantly elevate any casual mom outfit.

Finally don’t forget one statement accessory to finish your look.  There are plenty of directions you can go in. I typically look to add one element that will add polish to my look.  A statement pair of sunglasses or a single statement piece of jewelry are always an easy option.  You don’t need to spend a ton of money here as there are so many incredible inexpensive yet chic styles  Try this popular disc earring by Baublebar for a modern take on the classic hoop earring.  Aviators in black are always a great option to finish off a look.  When all else fails try my signature secrete weapon I promise you will instantly feel chic.  Try out one of Bobbi Brown’s color from the rich fall Crushed collection.

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