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After my recent trip up to NYC I was inspired by the simple yet stylish outfits of the women on the streets.  When I started this blog I tried to put together the coolest outfits and find the coolest pieces but the harder I tried the less it felt like me.  I always loved seeing what Kendra would put together at shoots, she has that “too cool for school” vibe down pat, and yet its effortless for her.  Whereas I needed to put in effort to re-create one of her many layering masterpieces.  Then as I started to dive deeper into what you, our readers like to see and what you don’t, I realized its evident when I am trying to hard because those looks don’t resonate with you either.

So my pledge is to stay true to myself and while I will test out trends and new looks I will promise to do what I do best which is simple classic style.  One of my favorite “simple and classic” looks is wearing all black.  This look intimidates some people because they fear that they will end up looking like Marilyn Manson but there is a way to do it that is effortless and elegant. The secret is mixing textures.  Now what does this mean?!  It means to incorporate different fabrics and layers, items that when piled on show the different levels of your outfit.  Here is one of my go-to formulas for creating a chic and simple all black look.

A fur vest – mine is on sale! (faux or real this is an essential piece to this puzzle)


A long blazer (invest in one that fits you well and is longer – cover those buns!)


Leather or in my case faux leather leggings – mine are on sale!  If the leather look isn’t your style try denim


A classic top (This one is $39 – Stay classic with a long sleeve tee or sweater in tunic length)


Over the Knee Suede Boots (another texture helps add interest and in the same color and works well with leather)


Black Sunnies (choose a classic shape like Aviators or Cat-Eyes to keep the classic element consistent)


A Bold Lip (I love a classic red with all black or even a bold berry for this time of year)


A Classic, Simple and Chic All Black Outift


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