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Skin care has never been a huge priority in my life until recently. I always thought I had pretty good skin. Although it went through some tougher times in high school but after that I didn’t have many complaints. I never really had a routine or regiment that I followed. People have always preached about washing off your make-up every night, always wearing sunscreen, starting anti-wrinkle and such products earlier rather than later, but I never really took that seriously. However, as I became older and wiser and noticed a tiny wrinkle on my forehead… I decided it was time to get it together. Especially since I’m always in photographs and meeting people and working with people. I want my skin to look nice and bright and fresh! I started using Cetaphil for a face wash and moisturizer pretty habitually about a year ago, I like things that are as natural possible and this came highly recommended for normal skin. As far as the toners, primers, brighteners, serums ect. I really didn’t know what to try or what they would actually do for me.

I was recently introduced to TULA by some fabulous girls up in NYC. TULA means “balance” in Sanskrit is co-founded by gastroenterologist and media personality Dr. Roshini Raj and Ken Landis (the co-founder of Bobbi Brown)  –  I mean, what a combo! The skincare line uses probiotics to clean, nourish and revive your skin. Not many of you probably know this but I’m actually really into eating all natural. I’m a huge fan of probiotics I take them in a capsule and love to drink them in my Kombucha. When I learned more about who and what is behind TULA- I was sold!

Their whole concept is to nourish your skin the same way you nourish and take care of your body. All of their products are free of paragons, mineral oils, petrolatum, phthalates & propylene glycol. AND not tested on any animals, thank god!

“Probiotics are known to improve the health of your digestive system. Did you know their powerful healing benefits can also be applied to your skin? Powered by probiotic technology, each TULA product is a nourishing smoothie for your skin, feeding it the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and defending it from damage.”

Did I mention I love smoothies. I get probiotics in my smoothies too sometimes.

So it may sound weird to be smothering your face with live bacteria but probiotics are the new beauty breakthrough as they have been shown to help with clearer skin, calm skin sensitivity and redness, and protect the skin against environmental damage. This new technology is something that really made sense to me and could not wait to try. Below is my review of the TULA probiotic skincare line!

The Purifying Face Cleanser – The scent is a subtle and fresh. It’s creamy silky texture lathers really nicely and gets rid of all make up my make up. A pro: a little bit of this stuff goes a long way & I’ve had no breakouts in making the switch to this product!

Hydrating Day & Night Cream – Thick, creamy and luxurious. I definitely put more on at night because my skin has the time to absorb all of it’s goodness. I put a significantly less amount on in the morning after I use the Face Serum. It does not have SPF in it.

Illuminating Face Serum – Love this stuff the most I think. It’s super silky and I definitely have noticed the difference in the look of my skin after I apply my make up. The serum creates an even skin tone and gives a bright healthy glow. I use a decent amount of this only face every morning after I wash my face but before I use the Day Cream. Then I apply my make-up!

Revitalizing Eye Cream – Eye Cream is not something I ever used before. Although as I get older I’m understanding it’s importance and what it can do for me. This is also a really nice rich & creamy formula to help moisturize and minimize the appearance of and dark circles or fine lines. A little also goes a long way here. I feel like this will last me a while!

The line is a bit pricey but worth it! AND I have a little promo code for anyone who wants to try! You’ll get FREE shipping plus 25% OFF your purchase with the code dressyourguests25. Additionally, we will be giving away my favorite TULA products to one lucky person who ordered using the DYG promo code. With your purchase you will automatically be entered to win!

Now go to TULA.com and get your skincare regiment balanced!



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