Trunk Club: The Busy Mom’s Guide To Consistently Looking Chic

Mom Blogger Kate Brennan shares the busy mom's guide to consistently looking chic: Trunk Club

Meet Trunk Club:

An online styling service that accommodates all of your personal styling needs.

Trunk Club: The busy mom's guide to looking chic

You would think that as a blogger I would throughly enjoy putting outfits together – but sometimes it can be really overwhelming.  The outfits that I blog about are more of what I wear everyday: athleisure, workout wear and comfy yet chic mom approved looks.  So what is a busy working mom to do when she has to put together a super chic look to wear to a meeting and to a cocktail party in NYC?!  She calls in the style experts and lets them do the work for her.  As a mom who now lives in the suburbs in the south my wardrobe feels incompatible with the chic lifestyle of NYC.  I have been out of the NYC scene for more than three years, so I needed the advice and reassurance of a trained stylist to help me put together some NYC approved outfits.

So Friends, let me introduce you to Trunk Club!  Trunk Club is an online styling service that accommodates all of your personal styling needs.  Trunk Club is one of my secret weapons in helping me get my chic together.  When I feel overwhelmed or stressed in the outfit planning department I call on Trunk Club.  Busy moms rejoice because here is how this service can help you get your chic together.

Busy Moms Here is a List of Examples On How Trunk Club Can Help You:

  • Need a cute outfit to wear to a friend’s birthday dinner?
  • Need to look super chic at your next board meeting?
  • Heading to a wedding and no time to shop for a cocktail dress?
  • Want to test out a new trend but aren’t sure how to wear it?
  • Want to avoid the mall all together because you have two small kids?
  • Or if you simply just don’t have the time to shop…

If you nodded your head yes to any of the above them give them a try!


Fashion Blogger Kate Brennan wearing outfit from trunk club

That’s me casually enjoying the contents of my first trunk!  Trunk Club is perfect for those short on time or for those who are just looking for guidance from a professionally trained stylist.  See don’t I look happy, chic and relaxed?!

Bottom line, if you are ever stressed about shopping and outfit planning, I HIGHLY recommend trying Trunk Club.  I put their service to the test so I could tell you about my experience and let you know what you can expect.

The best tip for busy mom's: Trunk Club.

It all started after I fell down the Instagram rabbit hole one sleepless night.   I was searching for #ootd inspiration for an upcoming meeting. I found all of the answers I was looking for on the Trunk Club’s Women’s Feed.  Limited on time and energy, I decided to give them a try.  As mentioned above, I will be spending some time in New York City this summer so I want to make sure I have some NYC approved outfits in my arsenal.  My experience from start to finish was super simple.  I was able to check off an item from my never ending to-do list thanks to my friends at Trunk Club.  Here is what you can expect.

Trunk Club In 10 Steps:

  1. First download the app – OR – Log on to their site
  2. Fill out a brief questionnaire – which is actually fun to answer!
    1. Sizing
    2. Style
    3. Budget
    4. Mission
    5. You can even connect your Pinterest account so they can fully understand your vision
  3. Next you are connected to a stylist:
    1. Marjorie was my stylist. I absolutely LOVED her!
    2. She got me in two seconds, we even shared the same fashion style icons!
  4. Discuss your goals in more detail and from there your stylist will provide you with suggestions.
    1. Marjorie also understood that as a blogger I have a large closet with lots of options.  She helped me fill the holes instead of helping me add to my already overwhelming assortment.
  5. Before your first trunk is sent, you get to approve items or request new ones.  You won’t receive anything that you don’t want.
  6. Don’t like one of the items? Simply let your stylist know. Based off of your feedback (I provide all of my feedback via the app) she will make alternate suggestions to include.
  7. All communication with my stylist is done in the app.  It conveniently has its own messaging system built into it.  It honestly felt like texting with my best friend asking for her fashion advice.
  8. Once you approve your trunk the contents will be packed and sent to your home.  Tracking information is sent to you, so you know exactly when it will arrive.
  9. A $25 home try-on fee is credited toward whatever you choose to keep, and you can return the rest with their free shipping service.
    1. Sidenote – Trunk Club is a Nordstrom affiliated company, and if you are a Nordstrom cardholder, the $25 home try-on fee will be waived.
  10. Let the fun begin!  You get to try your clothes on in the comfort of your own home.  No pushy sales woman working on commission, no weird dressing room lights that instantly adds 10 pounds and no babysitter needed.  Just you and your new wardrobe.


Trunk Club: The Busy Mom's Guide To Looking Chic

Trunk Club x Kate Brennan of The Chic Series

On the day my trunk arrived my daughter I had a super packed schedule.  While one daughter napped upstairs the other had a playdate downstairs.  I was able to continue on with my routine while trying on the contents of my trunk.  Instead of being stressed about time, schedules, sitters, sales people, appearance, car seats – the list goes on and on – I was care-free.  My in-home try on session was extremely enjoyable. It allowed me to find the perfect outfit without any of added hassle.  Marjorie, my stylist, also nailed my requests.  The hardest part about this whole process?  Deciding what to send back!

Busy Moms Guide to consistently looking chic by Kate Brennan

Chic White Blazer: Trunk Club Outfit

Navy Blue Summer Sandals From Trunk Club

Trunk Club Outfits: Chic Mom Outfits

Three Of My Favorite Outfit Options From My Trunk

Another Trunk Club perk – anything you don’t like you don’t keep.  You simply pack the items back up in the box and send them back!  No trips to the mall, no running to the post office, no explaining yourself to a sales person – the process couldn’t have been more convenient for me.   In just one easy and simple step your contents will be shipped back.  They will even help schedule a free delivery if necessary.

Overall, Trunk Club was an A+ experience.  They saved me time, money and stress by helping me prepare for an upcoming event.  I HIGHLY suggest that you give Trunk Club a try and let them help you prepare for you next event, whether it be big or small I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Fashion Blogger Kate Brennan wearing unique print jumpsuit: Trunk Club

Trunk Club: The Busy Mom's Guide To Consistently Looking Chic

Headed to my meeting in NYC in style thanks to Trunk Club!


A very special thank you to Trunk Club for partnering with me on this post.  Of course, a special thank you to my readers for supporting the brands that align with the healthy and happy vision of The Chic Series.


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