Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day at T.J.Maxx

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Dress  // Earrings // Summer’s Dress // Isabella’s Dress

Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day

Did you know that Mom turned upside is Wow?  Is that surprising?  I think not.  With two tiny little girls who I love more than life itself I step back and think Wow, how did my mother do it?  She raised 4 kids while my Dad worked a ton.  Went back to school to get her master’s while I was in high school and earned a 4.0.  Taught in a difficult district and became a motherly figure to some of her students in her class who didn’t have one.  It seemed as if she seamlessly juggled motherhood and life with ease.  Meanwhile, it feels as if I am constantly sitting on a see-saw that is always tilted on a very uneven slant.

I can still see her smiling, icing my 18th birthday cake in her work clothes, beaming with excitement to celebrate me. One of the reasons I think she was able to celebrate her children is because she was able to celebrate herself.  The word selfish never comes to mind when I think of her it is actually the opposite.  She always put everyone else first but she somehow managed to carve out time to also take care of herself.  She woke up early to get a head start on the day and enjoy her tea in peace.  Lunches were prepared, school projects were organized and when we came downstairs breakfast was made.  Little did she know with these simple examples helped set a positive tone for my life.

The one thing that sticks out in my mind the most is how she was always put together.  Her hair done, nails manicured, outfit coordinated and most importantly her bold red lip applied.  Her smile was always her best accessory.  She taught me how to care for others but more importantly how to care for myself.

To all my hard working mamas out there you deserve to treat yourself and take time for yourself.  Whether you are like me and feel like you are forever sitting on the uneven teetering see-saw or if you are more like my mom who seems to have life figured out you still deserve a treat.  So where should every mom who wears a 1000 different hats go? because they get us mamas and here is why.

Dress & Earrings both

More Mother’s Day Dress Options: Sunny Yellow Lace Shift, Pretty In Pink Dress, Bright Pink Maxi – LOVE!

Reasons Why I Shop At

  1. When was the last time I actually had time to shop in a store? 5 years ago when I was pregnant to be exact. When was the last time I wasn’t scared to bring both of my girls into a clothing store alone?  Yep. It’s a scary thought. is open 24/7/365
  2. As a busy working mom of two I prefer to shop online with a glass of wine in hand while wearing my pajamas – oh yes and uninterrupted.  Typically stores are not open past “bedtime”.
  3. They are a one stop shop. Bath towels, pillows, suitcases, coordinating Mother’s Day outfits.  All on one site in one place.
  4. celebrates every you.  Yes that’s right they get us.  We are runners, we are wives, we are friends, we are interior decorators, we are cooks, we are entrepreneurs, we are on-call nurses and the list goes on.  The good news is has us covered in every department of life.
  5. They have 100s of new arrivals each week – Seriously, and they make it super easy to check out what’s new – so make sure you check their site regularly!
  6. Free & Easy In-Store Returns – I know I said it’s tough to actually get to a store, but great to know this option is available, but can obviously return via mail, too.
  7. Free Shipping on orders over $89 – So with all those departments available, and tons of quality merchandise from brand name designers, filling up your cart is EASY!
  8. They also know & understand value and offer everyday low prices.
  9. Every shopping experience is like a treasure hunt.  It is actually fun experience to shop their site!
  10. They cover every price point so there truly is something for everyone.

Treat Yourself & The Family

Dress  // Earrings // Summer’s Dress // Isabella’s Dress

Has mom guilt gotten the best of you?  I know it sneaks up on me everyday!  Not to worry there will be no mom guilt while shopping at T.J.Maxx.  After I selected this beautiful maxi dress for myself – perfect for Mother’s Day Brunch – I couldn’t resist these pretty pink earrings that popped against the dress.  While I love the dress selection on their site I couldn’t resist looking for the girls too!  As my mouse clicked over to the children’s selection I was overwhelmed with how many adorable options they have for kids.

After spending hours combing through every department of their site I decided to get each of them a pretty dress to wear for the warmer weather.  Not a fan of the matchy matchy look I was able to easily filter on colors and find dresses for the girls that complimented mine.  I have to say has me hooked on the thrill of the hunt, its honestly like you uncover gem after gem.  You need to try it out for yourself to see what I am talking about!  I promise after 5 minutes you will be hooked and will love it just like me.


Best of all, today is Free Ship Day on all orders, so go ahead and treat yourself this Mother’s Day and maybe your kids too – if they are behaving – at!



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