The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift For Your (Difficult) Wife

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My husband offers his advice on what to get mom (a difficult one) for Mother’s Day. Check out his idea of the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Family photo, how to style a family photo, what to get mom for mother's day

Okay, let me get this out of the way. Yes – there is another holiday right around the corner that requires you to get a gift for your wife.  Yay!  I know, all of us have just been dying for the next opportunity to do some shopping. This holiday though, is all about finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your wife.  But I’m here to help those (read: all) of us that can’t stand the fear-stricken anxiety of the moment she opens the gift wondering, hoping, (praying?) that we didn’t get the wrong thing!

Every year I tell myself I’m going to have the perfect gift wrapped and card filled out at least one week in advance.  I’m tired of scrambling around at the last minute. You know the feeling. When you end up sifting through the skeletal remains of the card section at CVS, hoping there’s one left that will at least “work.”  I don’t want one the size of a marble notebook that costs $13.95, but I do need one that has enough space on the inside to scribble down some thoughts.  You know the “thoughts” I’m talking about. The ones that convey deeply emotional feelings that you’ve been waiting to express for months. Definitely NOT the ones that popped into your head sitting behind the wheel of your car in a CVS parking lot.  Ya know, because “a friend” of mine has that happen to him every holiday.

Anyway, despite your wife constantly telling you what she wants throughout the year, you can’t remember. Sometimes we just have too much going on to write any of them down. By the time the next holiday arrives we can’t remember! Which, by the way, is really amazing if you think about it. Why does it seem like there’s a holiday that requires us to give a gift to our wives every other week?  I can’t be the only one who feels this way.  As a result of all those “special days” and the countless gifts you’ve given over the years, you find yourself wondering what the heck you can get the woman who has everything that “will really be special this year!”  Well, the good news is that you’re not alone. The better news is that I’ve put together a list of, what I believe are, the no-doubters.
Below is a list of three ideas (with links) that you can feel confident giving your wife this Mother’s Day.  The best part is that it’s actually more like five ideas since three of them are different gift certificates.  I know what you’re thinking – “is he kidding me with gift certificates?  My wife’s going to flip if I hand her another gift certificate.”  Well, not these – these are like the golden ticket of gift certificates.  And the other thing is that gift certificates are very flexible as far as costs depending on what you want to spend.  So without further ado:
1) Golden Goose Sneakers – Apparently they’re the new thing.  I don’t know why, all I know is that you’ll be good getting her a pair of these.
2) Gucci Bag – as expected, you can basically get anything from Gucci and you’ll be safe but this bag, in particular, is like an extra coat of armor.  A bullet-proof vest if you will.
3) Gift Certificates:
(a) a gift certificate to her favorite workout class inside of a great new gym bag
(b) a gift certificate for her AND a friend to a spa day.  The addition of a friend is the kicker here, especially considering i’m sure just about 99% of you have already burned the standard spa gift certificate already.  But this allows them to go together, which is apparently more fun and even allows your wife to do something nice for a friend.
(c) A gift certificate to Shopbop.  Shopbop is like a cooler Nordstrom but unless you live in Wisconsin, there’s no brick-and-mortar so you won’t be dragged to the store.  And the return policy is top notch (30 days money back, provide you with a shipping label, etc)
Good luck and i’ll see ya at CVS!
Family Photo, what to get mom for mother's day, what to wear to a baptism
family photo, what to get mom for mother's day, rebecca taylor dress, men's fashion inspiration


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