The Lolë White Tour: What To Expect & What To Wear

Sports Bra // Leggings // Mat

Grab your yoga mats and meet at the Lolë White Tour on August 12th!!

What you may ask, is the Lolë White Tour?

The Lolë White Tour in Montreal is a day-long happening dedicated to meditation, yoga, music and the power of community.  Its as if everything I have ever believed in and blogged about will be coming together at this magical event in Montreal on August 12th.  Participants will all be dressed in white, hence the name, The White Tour, and will come together to practice yoga to promote wellness and community.

Sports Bra // Leggings // Mat

As someone who centers their day around exercise I couldn’t be more excited to attend this event!  Fitness for me is not about just the physical element but also about the mental clarity that it brings.  On the days that I exercise I am a happier more positive person.  I am the person that also uses exercise as a form of therapy.   Yep I am that girl who cries on her SoulCycle bike and the person who has tears streaming down her face during Savasana.  Yoga has always been my most true form of mental cleansing.  You are forced to be present and forced to live in the moment, something I often don’t do.  One of the items on my bucket list is to get my yoga certification because I just love the physical and emotional power that the practice of yoga holds.

So you can only imagine my overwhelming excitement when Lolë asked if I would join them in Montreal and participate in their White Tour.  So what may you ask is the Lolë White Tour?!  A brief overview is provided below but this day is dedicated to yoga, meditation, music and community.  All of these elements combine bring Lolë‘s message, WE ARE ONE to life.


Taught by Nadia Bonenfant a mother of three who is the founder of JUNA Yoga, an all-woman yoga and adventure travel business and Selena Isles, referred to  as the “Urban Yogi” who is a travelling Hatha yoga teacher, international DJ and single mother.  Both have a strong story, practice and message to share at this wellness event.


Yoga and meditation teacher Dawn Mauricio is leading the meditation. Dawn has a playful, dynamic, and centred approach. Dawn will close each yoga session with a meditation session which is a blissful way to find your inner stillness.


BEYRIES is a singer-songwriter and self-taught musician born in Montreal who will be providing the music at the White Tour.  Her songs are without pretension, and tend to bring people together with their universal and timeless themes. Her music is captivating and takes us back to what is essential: the heart.


Everything You Need To Know About The Lolë White Tour


What: A day long event dedicated to yoga, wellness and the power of community.  Participants who practice at this event will wear white as a statement and tribute to peace.

Who: Lolë is an activewear brand inspired by well-being is the main host.  Read more about them here.

Where: Montreal Old-Port Jacques-Cartier Pier

When: August 12th, 2017

Time: There are three sessions on August 12th

Morning: The first yoga session of the day begins at 1o AM (Venue opens at 8AM!)

Afternoon: The Mandala Breath Work Session begins at 1:30

Evening: Yoga from 4:30 – 5:45, followed by mediation and the evening ends with a Beyries Music Show

Dress Code: As the Lolë White Tour is dedicated to peace, wearing white is more than a dress code; it’s a statement and a tribute to peace. The stunning visual effect alone will be worth the effort! Neutral, preferably light coloured pants are acceptable and a white top is mandatory.


White Items From The Lolë Line

I hope to see you at the Lolë White Tour !  You can join me by:


As I mentioned Lolë is a lifestyle destination who does both athletic and athleisure well.  Here are two of my other favorite athleisure looks from Lolë!  Perfect to wear while you are exploring Montreal!

Tank // Joggers // Bag

Top // Sportsbra // Shorts // Bag


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