The Gift Guide For Dad

On Kevin: Sweater // Button Down // Denim // Loafers

We all have one of those special Dads in our life.  The one who works hard all day and still finds the energy for us at night.  The one who fixes flower crowns in his daughter’s hair and applies pink princess band-aids to teeny tiny boo-boos.  A Dad who watches his favorite football team with one eye on the tv and one eye on Barbie.  A Dad who every night at dinner asks, “so how was your day?” and we watch as his daughter’s eyes light up with excitement.  A man so special whose kids love him so much that they squeal and run to him when he walks in the guide for dad

My husband has actually earned the nickname Christmas Kevin because this truly is his favorite time of year.  It is not because of the gifts that he receives but rather the gifts he gives out that bring him the most joy.  He’s so great at shopping for me too! Our house is filled with laughter, happiness and lots of friends at Christmas time we have my husband to thank spreading the Christmas Cheer. So what do you get for that extra special “daddy” or “dada” in your house whose daily mission is to provide and give to his family?  This is the one time of year where we can really shower him with the gifts he will love both thoughtful and luxe.   gift guide for dad

So here is our Gift Guide For Dad, for the man who plays the part of a hero so well in his family’s eyes.

Gift Guide For Dad:


The ultimate carry-on.  Durable and allows me to easily be an efficient packer.  What more could I ask for in life?  Plus, when I end up carrying my kids’ and wife’s bag I can rest assured that this suitcase will not weigh me down.


One of the best gifts I have ever received.  This is the biggest and best wireless speaker in the PLAY line that delivers rich, ultra-clear sound to fill any room large or small.  Turn up the volume on the Christmas music please!


My wife actually bought me this exact sweater and it is a winner in my book.  Lightweight but still keeps warm and its not in your traditional charcoal grey.


Can’t go wrong with your most basic golf shirt right?  Nike always gets athletic apparel right is not exception.  Keeps your dry while you perfect your swing.


For the man that travels often.  Cancel out noise around you with QuietComfort® 35 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Bluetooth® Headphones.


Can’t go wrong with a blue button down shirt for Dad!  Ask him to step outside of his comfort zone just a little by wearing a check pattern instead of his standard solid blue.


These gloves keep my hands warm while walking to work and I can still scroll my Twitter feed and check the scores of the games with their tech friendly touch.


I swear by Tumi as my preferred brand of luggage and travel accessories.  The hanging travel kit allows me to stay organized even when I am in small hotel rooms.


A great stocking stuffer.  I drop my phone about 20 times a day so this durable case that doubles as a wallet prevents me from having to buy a new iPhone at least once a month.


Straight-leg golf pants crafted from stretchy Dri-FIT fabric are engineered to wick away sweat and keep you cool and dry.  These pants can be worn on and off the course and as I’m sure my wife will admit that I wear mine way too often.


The casual Friday and dinner jacket required jacket.  A hint of elasticity helps you feel comfortable rather than the tight stiff jackets that most companies favor when they create sport coats.


For the man that travels this kit is ideal.  I keep all of the products in this case and pack it in my suitcase when I head out of town.  No one appreciates efficiency more than me.


My footwear of choice for work.  I still have a pair that I bought 5 years ago!




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