Ten Things You Need To Know About Kate Brennan

Get to know Kate Brennan in this post: 10 things you didn't know about her

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In an effort to connect with you in a bigger way I’m going to share Ten Things About Kate Brennan in this post.  In case you haven’t noticed I have been posting less frequently recently and I attribute it to feeling rather uninspired.  There appears to be so much fake shit out there and I do not want to get lumped into it.  I love reading blogs but I also want to know that the person on the other side has a soul.  I love scrolling through Instagram for outfit inspiration, but the blogs that I actually read, have the real shit.  The ones that hit emotions and discuss REAL life, are always the ones that have me coming back.  So in an effort to connect with you and show you that I too am REAL here are ten things you probably didn’t know about me.

Ten Things Your Probably Didn’t Know About Kate Brennan

ONE – I’m a New Yawker

I’m from NY.  Duh!  But here is what you probably didn’t know.  I had a STRONG Long Island accent.  I went to college and met my best friend Allie and she told me the only way we could be friends is if I lost my accent.  So I worked hard at correcting words like “dawg” and “cawfee” and lost my “strong island” accent. However, if you ever catch my husband and I arguing you will hear it.  Or if you catch me after one too many drinks you will definitely hear it.  For some reason one of my favorite things to do after a few too many glasses of wine is to recite my favorite scene from My Cousin Vinny.  “Imagine you’re a deer, you are prancing along….”  I have it down.

Kate Brennan wearing a wedding dress

TWO – Homesick

We live in Charlotte, North Carolina but I often struggle with the fact that my daughters won’t be raised in NY.  When I say often I mean daily.  My husband and I were both raised on Long Island and the majority of our family still resides there.  Our house is currently on the market and we are trying to decide if it is best for our family to stay or to go back.  I miss NY every. single. day. While I like Charlotte I miss what’s familiar to me and I really really really miss my family.  (Would LOVE to hear your thoughts.  Please email me kate@thechicseries.com)  I think its accurate to say that I have been homesick for the past three years.

THREE – How I Met My Husband

kate brennan wedding day

Speaking of my husband….Do you know the story about how we met?  I worked at Merrill Lynch in the back office and was trying desperately to get a spot on the hot sales and trading desk.  One of my friends from high school suggested that I connect with “KB” because he has a great seat and would definitely help me out.  He connected us through email and I harassed Kevin and in some ways begged him to meet with me.  While in the process of emailing Kevin I was also interviewing at Morgan Stanley.  I had no idea who Kevin was or what he looked like I just knew he could possibly help me get a job.   After several attempts of blowing me off I received an email asking me to go to drinks.  My response, “thanks for your help but I already have a job.”  It was my last day at Merrill and I was headed to Morgan Stanley and at the time I thought I had landed my dream job.  The last email in my Merrill Lynch inbox was from Kevin,  “Why don’t you meet me tonight at Luna Park for a celebratory drink?”  So I did and let me remind you even though we worked in the same building with only three floors separating us we had never met.  So I bought a black sexy dress (I still have it!) at a store down town put on my Christian Louboutins and set out to prove to this guy KB that you don’t stand up Kate Miller.  Little did I know that Kevin would be the one that would forever put me on my heels.

If you aren’t familiar with Luna Park it was a huge outdoor open bar in the middle of Union Square that was always packed in the summer with what felt like 1000s of people.  My cab pulled up right in front of the one person standing in the street and I remember getting out of the cab and locking eyes with him.  I reached in to my purse pulled out my blackberry and called “KB”.  The man standing in front of me was Kevin.  There are so many other crazy details about our meeting that night but the one detail that is most important is that we aren’t romantic people but Kevin and I spoke about getting married that night.  To this day I still think about the way he made me feel that night and I still feel the same way about him to this day.  He is the person that always, always makes me laugh and the person that finally was able to handle the challenge of Kate.

kate brennan wedding day

FOUR – Our Dog

Kevin bought me a dog as a way to delay the engagement process.  We moved in together probably a year after dating and then dated for over 3 1/2 years before getting engaged.  I was getting restless as we attended wedding after wedding and went to happy hour after happy hour toasting engagements.   I wanted something that solidified our relationship as if sharing a tiny one bedroom in NYC wasn’t enough so I suggested the idea of getting a dog.  Our mentality has always been go big or go home so we decided to go with one of the most high maintenance and most expensive breeds out there, an English Bulldog.  After doing our research we realized that this was not a purchase that can be done at the UES pet store because of all of the health problems that can occur with the breed.  So we went to a dog show to try and find a top of the line breeder.  Yes that is right friends we went to a dog show.  We went with my parents who are animal lovers and the minute we stepped foot in the “arena” Kevin broke out in hives.  Yes he is actually allergic to dogs.  Being that he was still trying to impress my parents he hid it from my animal loving mom and dad by drinking a BIG GULP size Moutain Dew to keep his nasal passages open.  Seriously, I should be nice to him for all eternity.  We brought Kado home with us in November of 2010 and he is still here with us today 6 1/2 years later.  To date he has cost us more money and stress than both of our kids.  So my advice to all of my young friends looking to solidify their relationship, do not buy a dog.  Just wait patiently.

FIVE – My Short Lived Career In Finance

I worked in finance for a year and a half.  The majority of my career was spent at Morgan Stanley and to be honest I hated every single day I was there.  I came in at the time when the highest bonuses were being paid out and then was let go with one of the 1000s of people who were “excessed” when the financial crisis came falling down.  My time spent at Morgan Stanley made me realize a few things.  I thought I worked hard but I realized I was lazy compared to some of the people there.  I spent numerous nights there past ten pm and back in at 7 am along with weekends in the office.   And I still wasn’t working as hard as some as my peers.  I will be forever grateful for the work ethic that I learned there.  Another lesson, I learned the hard way, money will not buy you happiness.  I left my first job because I wanted to make money.  Makes sense right?  I spent four years at an expensive college that my parents paid for so I wanted to be able to stand on my own two feet in NYC without the help of my parents.  However, I learned that it didn’t matter how much money you made if you don’t love what you are doing you will not be successful in your career or in life.  It also taught me how to gracefully handle failure.  There is nothing like getting laid off.  Regardless of how it happens it will be a difficult pill to swallow and even more difficult to utter those words out loud.  It taught me a tough lesson about grace and humility and in the end I am a better and stronger person because of it.

SIX – Religion

I am not a religious person and I struggle with it everyday.  I was raised Catholic growing up and went to church every single Sunday.  Whoa this is going to be tough.  I continued to go in college with some of my friends and even when I lived in the city I would attend mass.  I also often went to church to pray and to even to cry when I needed it.  It used to be a place of comfort and peace but over the past five years it has become the opposite.  It felt like a series of bombs have been dropped in my personal life over the past few years and instead of embracing my faith for a source of strength I have gone in the opposite direction.  I spoke to my mom about it right before baptizing Summer and she told me, “never loose your faith.”  Oddly enough a few strange occurrences have happened since then that have made me think I should give it one more try.  I’m not sure if it is because I am in the South so I am more receptive to it but I feel a few people have been sent to me recently to tell me everything is going to be okay.  Yep, that was tough to write out.  Do you believe that certain people are supposed to come into your life at a certain moment in time?  I do.  This was also something that my mom always believed in and so far all of her philosophies in life have proved true.

SEVEN – Sound Sensitivity

To lighten the mood, here is my number one pet peeve.  Lip smacking and loud chewers.  I have a severe sound sensitivity.  When you are pregnant your senses are heightened.  Some people’s sense of smell is amplified but my hearing was off the charts.  For some reason it has not gone away or returned to normal.   According to Wikipedia, Hyperacusis (also spelled hyperacousis) is a health condition characterized by an increased sensitivity to certain frequency and volume ranges of sound (a collapsed tolerance to usual environmental sound).  I swear I have this and to make matters worse I somehow always seem to get seated next to the person on the plane who is chewing what sounds like a pack of Bubblicious bubble gum.

EIGHT – Sleep

I wish I could say I was a good sleeper but I’m far from it.  I think part of the reason that I love getting up so early is because I feel like I don’t need a ton of sleep.  My mind seems to race at night and I often have a hard time quieting my thoughts so I can actually fall asleep.  My father and my grandmother also don’t sleep that much which makes me wonder if it is hereditary.

NINE – Family

My sisters are my best friends.  They have been and will always be the ones that I call when I want to cry or if I need someone to shoot me straight.  They are twins and we have six years between us but it often doesn’t feel that way.  I’m also extremely close to my brother and anytime I need advice he is the one I call.  I miss them terribly and it pains me to not have them play a more active role in Isabella and Summer’s life!  But I have great news I will be living in NYC this summer so I will get PLENTY of family time.  I LITERALLY CAN NOT WAIT!

TEN – Blogging

Why do I love blogging?  I love the concept around making women feel good and look good.  After all of my time spent at Ralph Lauren I loved the idea of sharing my tips and tricks on how to put yourself together.  As the blog has expanded past just fashion and so has my life I am always hesitant with how much I share.  But my favorite part about this whole journey has been connecting with people.  And if I don’t share I can’t connect.  So I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about me.  I would love to hear more about you.  I absolutely love meeting new people and hearing their stories.  I’m unimpressed by the people that seem like they have everything together because to me it just feels like they are hiding something.  Because let’s be honest, who really has ALL of their shit together?  Definitely not me.

Thank you for following along!  I would love to hear your thoughts!  Please email me kate@thechicseries.com.

In case you came to my blog today to check out some fashion and found this post instead make sure you head to Rank And Style where I was their featured blogger this week!



    1. Jenn says:

      I laughed out loud when I read Allie made you change your accent. I can absolutely imagine her saying that to you and being completely serious;). Hugs to you and Kevin. Are you coming to Charleston before you head to NYC?!?

    2. carrie says:

      Loved reading this, friend. And yes to the fake bs out there these days.



    3. Elena says:

      I loved this! I can relate to you on many levels. I definitely believe people come into your life for a reason. And I most definitely DO NOT have my shit together!

    4. Janet says:

      Wow, that was great. You were my daughter’s (Courtney) mentor at Penn a year or two ago. You are just as beautiful on the inside as out! And I also suffer from # SEVEN…

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