Summer Beauty Event Recap with Bumble BFF in Charlotte

Dress // Lipstick in Retro Coral // Heels

From Blogging To Bumble

Blogging has led me to my next step in life.  I have been searching for a way to turn this blog into a community for women but to be honest I couldn’t successfully make it come to life on my own.  Opportunities presented themselves and I slowly tested them out but nothing really stuck.  The intention behind my mission is to bring women together and make them feel beautiful inside and out.  I wanted to connect women outside of their jobs and their homes to allow them to have meaningful uninterrupted conversations.  I envisioned each “event” as an opportunity to bring the mission of The Chic Series Blog to life.  To allow women to feel empowered by the community that surrounded them all while enjoying themselves.  Each gathering was a way for me to also provide them with some tips and tricks on how to get their chic together.

Enter Bumble.  “Bumble is a more than an app, it’s a movement. We encourage integrity, kindness, equality, confidence, and respect during all stages of any relationship — whether online or offline. Bumble is where people go to learn how to establish and maintain healthier connections.  Healthy relationships are central to living a positive, productive life. Bumble is a social network that allows you to feel empowered while you make those connections, whether you’re dating, looking for friends, or growing your professional network. One first move on Bumble could change your life.”  I could paraphrase their mission statement but it is so well said.  I want you to understand the full meaning behind Bumble and why I was so excited when they asked me to join their team to host events.

So without hesitation I put my first event into place, a night of Summer Beauty celebrating friendships and business partnerships.  I connected with so many incredible women in Charlotte and this was an opportunity to bring them together.  The Chic Series prides itself on working with partners that reflect the message of this blog, to enhance and celebrate one’s natural beauty.  So to bring this vision to life I aligned with the best in the business to celebrate community, women and the start of summer!

A Special Thank You To The Participating Partners

Blow-outs by The Drybar

Beauty Styling by Bobbi Brown

Cocktails by Seven Daughters Wine

Cake by Drip Cake Bar

Tan Tutorials by Glo By Emily

The Bumble Beauty Event Experience

Upon entering The DryBar women were greeted by a “Bumble Bee Helper” who gifted each guest with a bag of goodies.

Celebrating with The Drybar Charlotte Owner Jackie Paytner

Guests were treated to Wine In A Can (My Favorite!) By Seven Daughters Wine

Treats were provided by Drip Cake Bar – Beautiful AND Delicious

Upon arrival guests had the option to get their makeup done or their hair done or BOTH!

My Favorite Products From My Favorite Make-Up Line Bobbi Brown

My Favorite Products from My Favorite Haircare Line – The Drybar

Guests getting their hair done by The Drybar

Make-Up by two of the best in the business Samantha Vang and Justin Pittman from Bobbi Brown

After a short presentation to thank our sponsors & guests everyone was able to mix and mingle and most importantly connect!  You can see the passion on my face 🙂

The cutest little guest and her mama, Brit owner of Fit Atelier

Maggie of Polished Closets, Kristen of Every Chic Way & Laura Leigh of Louella Reese

The best part about the event is bringing women together who most likely wouldn’t have connected without the help of Bumble.  Meet my two superstar friends Matlin Pessara of Minimized Closets and Katherine Fuchs of  Southern Bourbon Mountains.

Thank you so much for everyone who came out and to all of the sponsors who made this event such a class act.  Super special thank you to Bumble for giving me this opportunity and for allowing me to pursue my passion;

to create, connect and grow a beautiful community of empowered women.





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