Summer Beauty with Bumble BFF at Drybar Charlotte

Enjoy An Evening Of Summer Beauty With



Blow-outs by Drybar

Beauty Styling by Bobbi Brown

Cocktails by Seven Daughters Wine

Cake by Drip Cake Bar

Tan Tutorials by Glo By Emily

June 14, 2018 6 to 8 pm

Drybar Charlotte

6401 Morrison Blvd, Charlotte, NC

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From Blogging To Bumble & Blogging

I have enjoyed blogging but I have always missed the in person interaction that blogging lacks.   There are so many bloggers out there that love Instastories and feel like that is there connection to their community, I however yearn for more.  My goal with blogging has always been two fold.  To share tips and tricks on how to look and feel your best.    The second has been an evolving process.  I want to create a community that helps disperse these tips and also brings women together to build each other up.  Both in my mind are looking to each a common goal; to give women confidence and help them pass on this positivity to others.

After multiple tests and gatherings on my own I finally decided to join Bumble to help them host events.  I strongly believe in their mission and their passion to promote integrity, kindness, equality, confidence, and respect.  These are building blocks that I want to work harder to promote and also live by in my own life.  One of my favorite quotes is by Mother Theresa and it reminds me why I joined the Bumble team.  “Do Small Things With Great Love.”  When planning events, I always sit back and think what would make a stressed out woman de-stress?  And that is how I go into planning each event – how can I make women genuinely smile?

My First Event As Part of Team Bumble

My first event in Charlotte will most likely be my last.  As we get ready to move back to NY I’m excited about expanding my role with Bumble up north especially since they just opened a NYC office!  With this being my last event in Charlotte I knew I had to make it a good one.  I also knew I had to bring together all of the incredible business owners that I have connected with in Charlotte.

This event was created out of the building blocks of this blog.  I tried to bring to life classic fashion, natural beauty, health & wellness and community.  Knowing that these pillars have helped me build a following I wanted to create an event around them and essentially bring them to life.


Grab Your BFF

Flower Crowns by Bookout Blooms // Make-Up by Bobbi Brown // Hair by Drybar

Peach Off The Shoulder Top // White Denim // Earrings // Lipstick

White Lace Top // White Denim // Lipstick


Summer Beauty with Bumble BFF

As I look back on my time in Charlotte the number one thing that stands out to me are the incredible friendships I have made over these past four years.  This is exactly why I wanted to host my last event in Charlotte as a Bumble BFF event.  I wanted to give back to this town that has given me friends for life.  The Chic Series community really grew in Charlotte and we grew together on the heels of the mantra “when you look good you feel good”.   So in order to bring this mantra to life I knew I had to bring in the best of the best.  Below is the breakdown of the professionals who will be bringing you the best of Summer Beauty!


Meet Justin Pittman From Bobbi Brown

Justin is part of the corporate team at Bobbi Brown and overseas multiple regions in the South.  He is kind, an amazing friend and did I mention super talented?!  We connected when I was looking for that perfect pick me up lipstick.  We talked for hours and kept saying we needed to work together so he was the first person I thought of when I put this event together.  I’m so glad Justin will be there on Thursday night with his incredible team to help everyone discover their inner and outer summer beauty.  PS – if you need a makeup artist in Charlotte he is your guy!


Meet Drybar Charlotte

What is it about a blowout that can make you feel like new again?  Whatever it is Drybar is my number one destination to give me that fab feelings  I couldn’t be more excited that one has arrived in Charlotte!  If you haven’t tried them yet I highly recommend it because they are incredible!  At this event you will get dry styled by one of their incredible team members.


Meet Emily From GlobyEmily

Life is cray-cray – amiright?!  So anything that I can come to me in the comfort of my own home I am all for!  How about a spray tan!?   Because let’s be honest who doesn’t love a good spray tan.  It always makes me feel better about myself and look slimmer.  Emily is also just a super cool chick and will make you feel totally at ease as you strip down to get your spray on.


Meet Tanner From Drip Cake Bar

Have you ever seen a cake too pretty to eat?  Well it was most likely made by Drip Cake Bar.  Not only are they a work of art but they are also delicious!  Tanner will be there with her beautiful cakes!


Wine by Seven Daughters Wine

No event would be complete without one of my favorite wines!  Seven Daughters Wine comes in a can and it is absolutely delicious!  It is perfect for the woman on the go which I think will be every single woman who will be attending this event.

Stay Connected & Stay Tuned…

Looking forward to seeing everyone there and if you can’t make it I hope to see you at my next event.  Continue following along on social media to help this community grow.



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