Styling Family Photos with Tuckernuck Clothing

Styling Family Photos with Tuckernuck Clothing

On Kate: Tunic Sweater // Denim // Shoes // Earrings

On Kevin: Button-Down// Denim // Shoes

On Isabella:  Dress // Vest // UGGs // Tights

On Summer: Reversible Vest // Peplum Top // Denim Leggings // UGGs // Headband

Did you notice that our family photo is slightly blurry?  Its not because we didn’t have a great photographer its because it was meltdown central with our family.  Summer literally wouldn’t stand up or stop crying.  Isabella right before this photo  was taken was so excited that she was running towards me and tripped and fell.  The poor little thing scraped up her whole arm and only wanted to be held.  So with two tiny crying little girls you can imagine how well my husband handled the rest of the shoot.  Not a big picture taker to begin with, he was like that’s it we are done.  I begged for just one family photo of us together and this is what I got.

To be honest, the only stressful part of the family photo shoot should be taking the actual picture.  Most people have told me that the most stressful part for them is coordinating outfits and to me that is the easy part.  So I have partnered with Tuckernuck, one of my FAVORITE shopping sites, to teach you how to coordinate your family’s outfits.  While you can’t necessarily control the emotions of the party involved – I do recommend alcohol – you can at least control the way you look.

Styling Family Photos with Tuckernuck Clothing

Family Photo Outfits

Tuckernuck is a men’s and women’s online shopping site that offers classic All-American style.  They are the perfect destination for family outfit coordination because you know your photos will look timeless.  I prefer photos that choose classic simple style so the family photo never looks dated.  If you are overwhelmed by department stores that offer a gazillion suggestions then this is the site for you.  With a more tailored selection you will be able to easily hone in on a theme for your shoot.  This in turn will allow you to easily set the tone and color palette for your family portrait.  In addition, the way they style their product is always chic so you can literally copy an outfit directly from their site and use it for your family photo.

Dads Outfit

Start with the most difficult family member, which in my case would be my husband.  He is very particular about what he wears so I wanted to make sure he felt comfortable at the family picture.  If you don’t feel comfortable during your family photo session it will show.  Control that variable from the beginning.  We chose this dark plaid shirt from Tuckernuck because it is a classic closet staple and the pattern adds some dimension to a photo.  Plan to balance out patterns or bold colors.

Tip – for a family of four try and keep only two family members in a darker look up top to help provide balance.  We kept the rest of his look simple with denim and classic Gucci loafers.  This is basically what he wears on a daily basis so it allowed him to look and feel like himself while taking our family photo.  From there, I built the rest of our outfits off of the color palette in his shirt and didn’t stray from it.

Styling Family Photos with Tuckernuck Clothing

Tunic Sweater // Denim // Shoes // Earrings // Lipstick

Moms Outfit

We used my look to ground the photo and keep it light and airy starting with this popcorn tunic top.  I actually had a plaid wrap on but its in a pile of leaves behind me because Summer was laying on it during her tantrum.  The pattern from my leopard flats still helped create some visual interest.  Footwear is definitely something to take into consideration when you have small children because you don’t want to be chasing them around in stilettos.  I recommend following the saying, “less is more” when it comes to accessories.  I always love a good statement earring like this style that comes in multiple colors.

Be conscious of your makeup as it will matter in this case because you want it to complement the overall look and feel of the photo.  Knowing that we would be creating a fall family photo I wanted to stick with rich fall hues and go with my signature bold lip.  Pro-Tip get your hair and make-up done.  Its one less thing you have to worry about and it will help you look polished.  Cmon moms we know we are usually the last to get ready – take care of yourself ahead of time so you can help everyone else.

Styling Family Photos with Tuckernuck Clothing

On Isabella:  Dress // Vest // UGGs // Tights

On Summer: Reversible Vest // Peplum Top // Denim Leggings // UGGs // Headband

 The Girls’ Outfits

I had a little more fun with the girls outfits and added on dimension with layers and cozy shoes.  Each girl has on a single pattern.  One dark and one light which creates a complimentary contrast.  Isabella and Summer also each had on a vest to add some interest to the photo.  The one tip I can share from working at Ralph Lauren is an outfit is created with three articles of clothing.  If you have a daughter who still doesn’t have alot of hair then I suggest these adorable headbands  Again for footwear we kept it cozy and comfortable with them and selected UGGs.

Styling Family Photos with Tuckernuck Clothing

Tips On Coordinating Family Photos

  • Set a color palette and stick to it.
  •  Talk to your family photographer about backdrop so you can coordinate your look to complement the scenery.  Knowing that we would be taking a fall family picture I tried to complement the setting with rich fall hues in our family’s portrait outfits.
  • My rule of thumb for coordinating outfits is if one person is wearing a pattern have the other one in a solid.  Same goes for light and dark.
  • Need outfit ideas?  Head to Tuckernuck find one look you absolutely love and buy it.  From there build off it to create everyone else’s look.
  • Bring props.  If you know your family is uncomfortable in front of the camera provide a distraction.  The props can be removed once everyone eases into the shoot.  I brought presents for the girls.
  • Get your makeup and hair done.  Life is stressful enough.  Take care of yourself first.  You will set the tone for the session so if you are relaxed it will help everyone else relax.
  • When all else fails have a drink.  Everyone is happier and merrier when at ease with a good old fashioned Christmas cocktail.
Don’t forget Tuckernuck has gifts for everyone on your list and they just extended their Cyber Monday Sale!  You can check out my holiday gift guide tailored for the classic man and woman in your life – here.
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Styling Family Photos with Tuckernuck Clothing

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