How-To Style A Bar Cart With Seven Daughters Wine

Thank you to Seven Daughters for partnering with me on this post!

Top // Denim // Espadrilles // Belt // Lipgloss // Earrings // Necklace

Bar Cart // Gold Topped Canister // Straws // Letter Board // Cake Stand // Wine Glasses // Plates // Napkins

How-To Create A Spring Bar Cart

Warm weather is the perfect excuse to throw a party!  A well stocked bar cart is an essential at any soiree.  When I started planning this post I had to admit it was super overwhelming.  There is no shortage of inspiration on Pinterest, that’s for sure.  So for all of my novice party planners out there I broke down how I put together my bar cart.

The Essentials: The Cart & The Alcohol

To me the most essential part of any bar cart is the alcohol.  A bar “cart” can come in the form of a mirrored tray, an actual bar or even a chic display in the corner of your kitchen.  I’m a HUGE fan of Seven Daughters Wine.  Their cans, have become a favorite of mine.  Anytime I have the opportunity to introduce people to them I do.  So I started with them as my focal point and worked from there.  I’m a big fan of organization so I think the cans look visually pleasing arranged in rows with space in between them on the bottom shelf.  The color palette was inspired by the wines themselves, pale pink, maroon and compliment the cans metallics.

A Dessert: Donuts!

Instead of adding little knick knacks like most bar carts had on Pinterest I decided to fill my space with my functional items.  I combined my dessert tray with my bar cart and came up with a Donut Bar.  I purchased pink glazed donuts to compliment the rose wine cans and powdered sugar munchkins to compliment the pinot noir.  Glazed went on a cake tray and munchkins in a cute jar with gold accents.


Combine your favorite dessert and wine for a pretty & delicious treat on your cart!

Set The Season: Flowers

I LOVE the idea of filling in your empty space on the bar cart with a floral arrangement that compliments both the season and your color palette.  This beautiful bouquet from one of my favorite floral vendors was the perfect addition to the cart!  If you need a beautiful floral arrangement big or small definitely try Farm Girl Flowers!  After the party was over it began the centerpiece on our dining room table.  Floral arrangements are the perfect way to bring in color, texture and added interest.

The Final Touch: Accent Pieces

This is where it always got tricky for me.  I wanted to fill every single space with something – don’t!  Less is more.  You want the bar to feel like people can touch it and not like they are going to disrupt it.  Make it inviting with pretty printed napkins and gold straws.  Keep items organized with containers that compliment your color palette.  For example, my gold straws sat in a gold rimmed cup.

All bar carts should have some type of stemware.  I love a classic bulb wine glass but find one that will compliment the tone you want to set.  Letter boards have been trending recently and they are a great alternative to the traditional banner or chalkboard.

Encourage your friends to have fun with your bar cart!  Include a polaroid camera on it or on a table next to it so you can capture your work of art.  Or make a hashtag for event and display it on the letter board so you can keep track of all of the social sharing of your chic bar cart!



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