Stay Chic in the Heat at Summer Cocktail Events

We have all been invited to an after work cocktail party in the middle of summer where the majority of the event is held outdoors. How, might you ask, does one still look chic in the summer heat? Opt for dresses in lighter fabrics and looser silhouettes to help prevent unattractive perspiration marks from ruining your look. Avoid heavy fabrics or dresses that are too tight. Instead opt for shift empire or A-line silhouettes. Sleeveless dresses will also help keep you cool. Swap your office blazer for a loose fitting sequin jacket to keep you warm if the night gets chilly. We have assembled some ensembles that will help you stay chic in the summer heat. Our outfit choices below are inspired by the event, Taste of Summer, held in Central Park every June. Enjoy!

Milly Printed Dresses

Sequined Jackets

White Dresses

PicMonkey DVF Printed Collage

Photos from Taste of Summer

Photos from Taste of Summer

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