Spring Cleaning My Life & My Home with Scotties Facial Tissues

Thank you to Scottie’s Facial Tissues For Partnering with me on this post!

Tissues To Wipe Away Tears

Tissues in the springtime are often associated with allergies and we have definitely experienced our fair share of allergy attacks and colds this season.  However, for this family who has had a very long year, tissues have been reserved mainly to wipe away tears.  It has been a year of adjusting to our new life.  Embracing the unexpected turns and learning how to navigate down this bumpy path.  Tears I have realized are a way of washing away the sadness and negativity in our life.  By letting go of tears we allow our bodies to heal and make room for the happiness that we once thought we couldn’t embrace.  One of my favorite quotes…

“Wake up every day stronger than yesterday, face your fears & wipe away your tears.”

We were drying our tears with paper towels as I’ll be honest tissues weren’t part of our usual Amazon order.  It wasn’t until recently as I was applying Neosporin to my nose and to my daugther’s cheek that I realized I needed to start buying softer tissues as our other alternative was irritating our family’s very sensitive skin.

As someone who likes to stay super organized, I realized I needed to find a way to display our tissues.  Yes this sounds crazy but in my life everything has a home.  I empty every box, carton and container that arrives at our house and put its contents away in its neatly and aesthetically pleasing new place.  This helps me stay organized and also allows us to live in a stress-free de-cluttered environment.  So while it may sound trivial I did my reasearch and found that Scotties tissues not only are super soft but their multiple designs and shapes allow me to seamlessly incorporate tissues into our home decor and life.

This post will give you a peek into our lives and our home.  You can see how we live our lives in an aesthetically pleasing way while still embracing the mess that life often throws us.

Our Bedroom

Nightstand clutter is one of my pet peeves.  I’m a big believer in the saying, “the state of your bed is the state of your head”.  Well, I take this one step further and believe this is true for your entire bedroom.  If the place where you are supposed to re-charge is cluttered and messy then you will never be able to de-stress and get the sleep you need.

We also have an English bulldog who against my husband’s will sleeps in our bedroom.  While he has his own bed and designated sleeping area he still invades our space.  If you have ever pet an English bulldog you would know that they are messy!  Scotties facial tissues are even used on the dog in our house to wipe away his tears!  He doesn’t seem to mind them either!

The Entryway To Our Home

This is the area I believe sets the tone for your house.  We gave up our grand entrance into our home when we moved from Charlotte back to NY.  We still try and make this first impression of our home a welcoming one.  The decor rotates with the seasons but pictures of family and friends stay consistent.  Tissues have now become a common fixture on this table.

Our Kitchen

When we downsized our home after moving from Charlotte to NY we lost alot of our storage space.  So in an effort to remove clutter from our countertops, I read a ton on how to create a “zen” kitchen.  If you look at any neatly designed space or retail store you will see that every item has a home or a designated space.  Flowers are used to add color, scent and life to otherwise sterile environments.

So after compiling all of these tips I cleaned off our counter tops and put away any items used daily like Keurig coffee cups in clean white jars from Pottery Barn.  After making these changes everything felt clean and organized but the space still felt cold and like it was lacking life.  So I used a mirrored tray to hold my mother’s apothecary jars with brightly colored objects like lemons and limes.  The final touch was bold blooms positioned right next to our Scotties facial tissues.  Our kitchen is now a happy space and I can drink my morning coffee in a tranquil environment before and have a peaceful and mindful start to our day.

Our Playroom

Another motto we live by in our house is work hard, play hard.  So naturally during the colder or wetter days we spend alot of time inside in the playroom.  We try and make time inside about creativity and learning so we do lots of coloring and painting.  We embrace the mess in this area of our home.  Scotties tissues are right there to help us at least keep the tears and let’s be honest boogies in their proper place.

Playing With Mom’s Make-Up

When the school year began we all got ready upstairs in our own bedrooms and bathrooms.  As the year went on I realized that by going up and down the stairs I probably wasted about 15 minutes every morning.  When trying to get a 5 year and 2 year old to school on time every minute matters.  So I created a little beauty station downstairs.  Hair bands, brushes and lip glosses are all located in a special drawer in the island in our kitchen.

One of the things I enjoyed most with my mother was putting on make-up with her.  So instead of waiting until the girls were old enough to “wear makeup” I found a way to make this simple pleasure in life acceptable.   I bought some nude lipglosses that the girls and I can both wear and put on together every morning.  It helps their lips from getting chapped or sunburned and it allows me to look like I actually put a little effort into my appearance.  As you can imagine when a 2 year and 5 year old apply any kind of makeup, tissues will be needed.  So Scotties are not far from our little beauty station.


My Space

Finally, there is a little space in the house by a large window where I enjoy working or reading.  My reading list these days has been filled with books that help us find the right and bright path on our journey in life.  As you can imagine tissues are needed when reading books like The Tools, Broken Open, Broken Beauty and Shoe Dog.

“After winter comes the summer. After night comes the dawn.  After every storm, there comes clear, open skies.” ~Samuel Rutherford

A special thank you to Scottie’s tissues for partnering with me on this post.  I hope you can create your most zen space and live your best life.  For the day’s that are tough, grab a tissue and let the tears flow for this too shall pass.

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