Thank You From One Mama To the Next

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Photos by Ariana Clare

Thank you from one mama to the next, your kind messages meant so much.

First, thank you if you texted, emailed or messaged me in regards to my last post. I’m sorry if I haven’t responded to everyone yet, we had friends in town this weekend. This post is my way of saying thank you.

Since I started this blog almost three years ago, it has evolved into something so wonderful. However I still felt like I was cheating everyone who came to our site.   I want to connect with everyone that visits The Chic Series on a much deeper level.  I want you to know who I am and what I am all about. But, I was afraid to really put myself out there.

 Teaching at HSM | Core proved to be one of my more rewarding experiences in life.

I loved the connection and inspiration that I shared with everyone I taught.  I tried to teach every class like the way I wanted to be taught. That with motivation, inspiration, and prove that with hard work you too can achieve the results you are looking for. Not just in the classroom, but in life.

I so badly wanted to cultivate this same environment at The Chic Series, a place where we build each other up and where positivity is prominent. Then it hit me, you can’t really build anyone up if they are never down.   So whether it was the extra hormones running through my body, the lack of sleep or just the pure emotion that overwhelmed me when I saw those pictures from Ariana, I just couldn’t help but put myself out there. So thank you, to all of you, for building me up when I was down.

This blog and those that frequent it deserve more from us.

I realize that by being open and honest, I can prevent both myself and others from feeling alone.  Knowing that there is a supportive community out there that I helped build is an incredible accomplishment.  This was my intention with starting the blog. I’m glad that I finally figured out how to do it.  Our mission will not change, we are still going to talk about clothes, hair, and parties. But we will add in an element that has been missing: life.  Our intention for each post is to help you look and feel beautiful and confident because we believe that life is a gift and that you should make the most of every day that is given to you.

Fridays will now become Feel Good Fridays here at TCS.

We will be covering real topics and real life in an effort to uplift this community .  Whether you are alone and need the comfort of community, just need to read a feel good story, or you just want to hear about real life because everything appears to be so f*$cking perfect, we will be here to tell you that it even though you might be experiencing a lull in life, it will get better.  As my mom always said this too shall pass.

So to address my last post and my struggle with postpartum depression, I would love to cover more on it this upcoming Friday and maybe even delve a little deeper into my experience.  But in the meantime, if you are visiting here for the first time or if you too are experiencing postpartum depression just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Take a look below at what a difference a year can make.   I remember getting these pictures back from Ben & Jerry’s from Ariana a year ago and thinking, Omigosh they are so beautiful.  The colors, the outfits, my hair (seriously?!).

I had no idea what beauty could really look like between a mother and daughter until I saw these images from the peach orchard.

This is far from my perfect hair (I don’t do fly-aways) and my body has morphed into something completely different from what I would like to put on the internet.  However, I have learned in this very eye opening experience that its not always about what looks beautiful but it is about what feels beautiful and what evokes emotions of happiness.  So thank you again for your support and I hope that I can continue to offer the same support by sharing my stories with you.

APRIL 2015

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APRIL 2016

DYG Mother's Day by Ariana Clare-19

DYG Mother's Day by Ariana Clare-24 DYG Mother's Day by Ariana Clare-26 DYG Mother's Day by Ariana Clare-50

DYG Mother's Day by Ariana Clare-63

DYG Mother's Day by Ariana Clare-31

While we start to create content for Feel Good Fridays here is where you can head in the meantime – Womanista.


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