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    Good-Bye 2017: The Year Of Chaos

    2017 is a year that I am happy to close out.  An all around difficult year with so many moving parts and changes it felt like I was rarely in control.


    How the Megaformer Helped Transform My Body

    Tank // Sports Bra // Leggings  // Lipgloss

    Meet the Megaformer

    The Megaformer is my secret weapon machine that I have used to strengthen and tone my core after having two kids.  The workout is based on a technique developed by Sebastian Lagree who is also responsible for creating the megaformer.  While


    Last Minute Christmas Gifts

    When people tell me that they have already finished their Christmas shopping I want to roll my eyes.  How is this even possible?  Maybe it is just ingrained in me to wait to the last minute.  Whether, its from my past life as a buyer knowing that merchandise will

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