• Addison Bay Athleisure Picks

  • Fourth of July Attire

    Dress Chic from Beach to BBQ

    Fourth of July is one of our favorite holidays. What is more fun then a day on the beach followed by a barbecue while watching fireworks and sipping a corona? Dress Your Guests has created multiple looks for all ages to wear from beach

    Milly Styling Event 6/26/13




    Register your outfit here  for a chance to win Best Dressed Guest and a special gift from Milly!

    Stay Chic in the Heat at Summer Cocktail Events

    We have all been invited to an after work cocktail party in the middle of summer where the majority of the event is held outdoors. How, might you ask, does one still look chic in the summer heat? Opt for dresses in lighter fabrics and looser silhouettes to help prevent unattractive perspiration

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