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  • The Amazon Life & Why You Should Embrace It

    Simplify Your Life, Embrace Amazon I’m sharing the ways that I use Amazon, to help me save time, money, stress and my sanity.  Want to experience the benefits of Amazon Prime? Sign up for a membership HERE ! Want to ONLY shop Prime Day Sales? Head to my categorized  Amazon Store to efficiently shop

    Spring Cleaning My Life & My Home with Scotties Facial Tissues

    Thank you to Scottie’s Facial Tissues For Partnering with me on this post!

    Tissues To Wipe Away Tears

    Tissues in the springtime are often associated with allergies and we have definitely experienced our fair share of allergy attacks and colds this season.  However, for this family who has had a


    May Mom Meetup Events On Long Island

    Join Me In May at One of My Events!

    Floral Top // Cropped White Denim // Chloe Wedges // White Earrings // Bold Lip

    It’s been awhile since I have written an actual blog post.  After a whirlwind of a year and an unclear path of what lied ahead, it finally feels as if my purpose has become clear.  To create a community that brings


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