• Addison Bay Athleisure Picks

  • Athleisure Picks From The Nordstrom Sale

    Hoody // High-Waisted Pocket Leggings // Sports Bra // Socks // Lipgloss

    The Nordstrom Sale has been going on for what feels like 19 weeks.  Our summer has been nothing short of incredible so the thought of even looking at fall items made me want to cringe.  However, most athleisure wear is seasonless


    How-To Create A “Healthy” Happy Hour

    The Chic Series + The Whole Tulip Team Up For “Healthy Happy Hour”

    Carolyn and I met over 5 years ago.  We were introduced by a mutual friend shortly after we moved to Charlotte from NYC.  Our past lives in Manhattan brought us together but our passion for health


    The Amazon Life & Why You Should Embrace It

    Simplify Your Life, Embrace Amazon I’m sharing the ways that I use Amazon, to help me save time, money, stress and my sanity.  Want to experience the benefits of Amazon Prime? Sign up for a membership HERE ! Want to ONLY shop Prime Day Sales? Head to my categorized  Amazon Store to efficiently shop

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