One Room Challenge: Week 4

It’s that time again! The One Room Challenge Week 4 update ( How is it going? Week 4 is the hardest!)

Well, it is going and this week  has definitely turned out to be the hardest! Unfortunately the couple of things that I ordered for Isabella’s toddler room are still in transit (hurry up UPS man!!) so that excitement will have to wait until next week. I also bought the wrong type of picture hanging kit at the hardware store so that threw me off also- I have since purchased the correct one and will begin hanging the gallery wall this weekend!. It’s hard working around a regular 9-5 job plus an 18 month old’s nap/play time schedule!

This week I rearranged the furniture to better utilize the space I’m working with. I also spray painted Isabella’s large wooden monogram. It started as a light distressed pink (very sweet and cute for a nursery) and is now a metallic gold- much more fitting for her new toddler room ! Below are some pictures of the progress. Hang in there and check back in next week it will definitely be exciting! Check out Week 1, 2 and 3 for more details and pictures of this one room challenge makeover!

A photo of orc 1

A photo of orc7

A photo of orc6

A photo of orc5

A photo of orc4

A photo of orc2


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