One Month Update On Life In NY…

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It officially has been one month since we moved from Charlotte back to New York.  To say the last few months have been difficult would be an understatement.  Life threw curve balls at us from every direction and we did our best to dodge them.  A year and a half ago we decided it would be best to move our life and family back to New York.  When my husband and I made the decision to put our house on the market in March of 2017 there was A TON of traction.  We cleaned the house from top to bottom, organized every cabinet and hid out at our neighbors while the families poured in for showings.  And then nothing.

We dropped the price, and repeated this process for the next several months.  Add in the heat of a southern summer, two little girls and a dog and this got old fast.  Anyone who has ever sold a house knows that this is one of the most stressful processes you will ever encounter.  After little to no movement we took our house off the market for a few months and decided to try again exactly one year later.  This time we switched realtors.

Selling Our Home With Scott Reed

After interviewing several realtors we decided to go with Scott Reed.  My husband hired him while I was out of town so he came over one afternoon to introduce himself.  With Kevin already living up in NY and me traveling back and3rth day Scott called us with an offer.  Finally, we could take a deep breath, or so we thought.

With our minds made up that we were moving back to NY we decided to accept the offer and the laundry list of demands that came along with it.  The next few months as we traveled back and forth between NY and Charlotte, Scott helped us negotiate the demands of our very demanding buyer.  The ones we denied Scott came in and fixed.  The ones we agreed to Scott was there to help organize, orchestrate and oversee.  As life pulled us away from Charlotte Scott was there to make sure this deal would be signed, sealed and delivered by the start of summer.

The night of June 10th the four Brennans slept together on an air mattress with only a few remaining items left to pack.  On the morning of June 11th Scott drove by our house and even called us to remind us to get out of the house ASAP so we could be on time for our closing.  In true Brennan fashion we were running late.  As we handed over the keys to our beautiful home, Scott followed us back one last time and helped pack up the remaining items of our house.  It was official we were no longer residents of North Carolina and we had Scott Reed to thank for it.  Rarely do I make any shoutouts to anyone on the blog but we have to say thank you to Scott for not only helping us sell our house but helping us get back home.  So if you are living in North Carolina we highly recommend hiring Scott Reed to help you make your next move.

Contact Scott Reed at 704-763-9205 or at

My new favorite natural beauty line, Kopari, looking pretty at Cha Cha Matcha in NYC

Where Have I Been Hiding…

If you are a consistent reader of the blog you know that I have been posting less and less recently.  You now know why.  Kevin took a job up in NY in November and commuted back and forth for months.  With multiple other family situations to add to this life altering change I too was commuting back and forth with two little girls.  My early morning workouts were no longer possible so I had to workout during the day which ate into my blogging time.  The priorities of my life have been and will always be family first, followed by fitness and then fashion.  Blogging took a backseat.

So you might ask how is life up in New York?  The answer is….wonderful.  Don’t get me wrong the transition wasn’t as smooth as it could have been but we are finally home and finally together again as a family.  To help with this transition I have basically taken this past month off from blogging and have been just a mom.  Just a mom….well that is the understatement of the year.

While it has been beyond stressful it has also been enjoyable.  We have been at the pool, the park and made breakfast together.  I haven’t worried about posting, analytics or overnighting shipments from retailers.  I did this one photoshoot in NYC with Allie Provost because I already had a meeting scheduled for that day with Bumble, more on that here.  My hair and makeup were already done for my meeting so why not take advantage of the gorgeous NYC backdrop and the opportunity to work with one of the best photographers in the biz.  Serious her feed is goals.  Teach me your ways Allie.

Sezane None, Sezane Store, 254 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012, L'Apartmente Sezane

At The Sézane Apartment Store In NYC

What’s Next…

While I enjoyed this time off I’m looking forward to getting back into blogging, this time around I am also looking for more of a balance.  Blogging filled a void in Charlotte.  When we moved to Charlotte 4 years ago I knew NO ONE.  It was my community, my way of meeting people and making friends.  It filled the holes of loneliness and gave me something to do.  Up here we are back with our family and our friends.  We are close to the beach and to NYC, the feeling of nothing to do no longer exists.  Plus I’m starting my training for the NYC Marathon this week!

Our new nanny starts tomorrow so blogging will resume and to be honest its bittersweet.  This time off has been much needed and has also been such a stress release.  So I have decided to make some changes because after all this should be an enjoyable process.  The cardinal rule of blogging is to stay true to the platform you own but times have changed and one blog post start to finish takes me over 8 hours.  With my target demographic being a BUSY woman on the go she doesn’t have time to head to a website and to be honest I don’t have the time to write a FULL blog post.  So the majority of my communication will be through Instagram.


Let’s be honest if its not on an APP I’m not using it or shopping it.  Speaking of APPs make sure you follow me on the APP to easily shop ALL of my looks, even ones that don’t make it to my Instagram feed.  Just download the APP, click the magnifying button and type in “thechicseries”.

I have to say as I finish up this post it feels good to be back.  It feels good to get back to doing something that I love and returning to my mission to help women everywhere feel chic but more importantly feel confident.  I have missed you friends and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to grow this community.  Thank you for staying with me through this transition and stay tuned for more on my first event with Bumble in the North East!

Back in my happy place and at two of my favorite locations in NYC Cha Cha Matcha and Pietro Lolita.


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