The Next Chapter of The Chic Series…

The Chic Series's next chapter: interviewing women that have overcome hardship

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Recently the blog has developed a health and wellness element that I have loved exploring.  What began as a platform to showcase simple style has now involved into a destination that guides you on how to live your happiest, healthiest and most stylish life.   However, I still feel that there is a large hole that I need to fill.  Before I introduce you to the newest concept to hit the blog I wanted to quickly summarize how the blog has evolved and what you can expect from each category on The Chic Series:


  •  A destination for the best workout clothes and where to wear them
  • How to rock athleisure to all different events and settings in your life
  • How to dress in a simple, chic and tailored way


  • Exploring brands best for those who love to sweat
  • Beauty tutorials on how to enhance your natural beauty
  • A clean yet clinical approach to skincare


  • Reporting on the best and hottest workouts
  • Diet plans that feel more like a lifestyle and less like a “diet”
  • Healthy snack suggestions
  • Tips on how to eat well and feel great

With this more tailored direction there was still one element of the “healthy” lifestyle missing.  Health for me has always been about so much more than just physical appearance.  To truly be healthy you need to have inner happiness and find peace.  Like I continually say this blog promotes the ability to look good and feel good.  Knowing that I needed to incorporate this element into the blog and knowing that you my readers would also enjoy it – my highest open rates in my emails are when I write emotional personal posts – I started to explore ways to bring this vision to life.

Kate Brennan shares the next chapter for the chic series

It was at a photoshoot on my 34th birthday as I was awkwardly posing in front of the camera, I said to Paige, my now friend and photographer, there has to be something else.  She and I both agree that we wanted to be part of something bigger, something that inspires and motivates people but we just didn’t know what or how.  For the past 4 months we continued to bounce ideas off of each other but at the end of each brainstorming session we would always come back to the idea of profiling people who inspire us.

The Next Chapter for The Chic Series

Luckily, blogging has allowed me to connect with so many incredible people that I most likely would not have connected with without the help of The Chic Series.  But time and time again, I find myself most intrigued by the people who have overcome hardships in life.  I want to hear their stories from start to finish and I want to know how even after encountering something so difficult they still have found the strength to preserve and find the positive in life.  Now this is strength and so much harder than any marathon you will run in life.  So this my friends is how The Chic Series has opened up a new and much needed chapter on the blog.

united women that have overcome hardship on The Chic Series

Because this has been a blog focused mainly on fashion for so long I felt like I needed to further justify why I am adding on this new element.  To date, the post that has received the greatest response was my post on postpartum depression.   I’m thankful that The Chic Series allowed me to connect and help others who have experienced or are experiencing something similar.  So now I want to give others the opportunity to do the same.  The Chic Series will now share the stories of those who have encountered a hardship in life and have overcome it or are working towards overcoming it.  Whether these stories inspire you, make you cry – because sometimes we all need a good cry – or connect you with the person you have been looking to connect with, I’m excited to open up this chapter on The Chic Series.

Women that have overcome hardship interviews

This vision wouldn’t be possible without the contribution and partnership of Paige Winn.  With her incredible ability to tell stories through a lens we knew that we could make this vision an impactful one.  Merriam-Webster defines community as “a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society”.  Paige and I are hoping that we can bring a sense of community to the blog where people can come together because they are looking to connect and find the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.

The Next Chapter for The Chic Series: Interviewing women that have overcome hardship

So we set out to make this vision come to life by rounding up 8 women from Charlotte who have encountered hardships and have fought to find the light.  Paige and I set the location to be on the prettiest rooftop in Charlotte.  We thought the views of the open skyline would provide the perfect backdrop for our storyline.  On the day of the photoshoot there were storm advisories flashing across the tv screen to the point where I felt I might need to cancel.  When I went to get into my car to drive to the shoot I could barely see through the windshield the rain was coming down so hard.  A stoplight was actually hit by lighting right in front of the hotel as I was turning into the parking garage.

Alcoholic Pospsicle

“Every storm runs out of rain, just like every night turns into day.”

After everyone had been properly introduced in the group we each shared our stories of overcoming a storm that had rolled through our own life.  As the last story was told something that I was fearful could feel rather depressing actually turned out to be very cathartic for everyone in the group.  Tears turned into smiles and slowly the clouds parted and the sun surfaced.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because as the bright rays emerged the most beautiful backdrop was set for the photoshoot and for the storyline.   I feel like this quote couldn’t have been more fitting for our meet up and for every single person that we will profile over the next few weeks. “Every storm runs out of rain, just like every night turns into day.”

Mom blog The Chic Series

Mom Blogger Kate Brennan of The Chic Series

The Chic Series now feels complete and I want to thank everyone who participated in our first round of interviews.  It is not easy to open up your heart and get personal but I am so thankful that you did.  We hope that you love this as much as we do.  This feels like the missing piece to the puzzle and something that will help The Chic Series, feel like the destination that will give you the tools to live your healthiest and happiest life.  So same time next week we will introduce you to our first and very inspirational woman.

Alcoholic Popsicle Drink

Cheers to healthy happy and always chic new beginnings!

If you feel like you or someone you know has an inspirational story to tell please email me


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