Moving Beyond Bottles with Dr. Brown’s

Why you should switch to Dr. Browns Bottles, how to assemble them, plus how to use them

With two little girls, life calls for lots of pink, parties, princess attire and lots and lots of Dr. Brown’s.

Dr. Browns Bottles

As a busy working mom I’m always on the hunt for products that can simplify our lives.  When Summer was first born we were instructed by a night nurse to use Dr. Brown’s bottles.  The bottles, and the night nurse, turned Summer into a sound sleeper and us into happy relatively well rested parents.  Dr. Brown’s Bottles became a daily staple in our house.  I have heard some people groan that there are one two many parts to a Dr. Brown’s bottle but they are actually really simple and easy to use!  PLUS THEY WORK!  They help reduce colic and gas – any baby or parent’s worst nightmare!

How To Use A Dr. Browns Bottle

  • Fill to the desired amount. The vent will not work properly if you fill the bottle above the FILL LINE WARNING.
  • Snap the insert fully onto the reservoir.
  • Place the reservoir into the bottle, pressing the insert into the bottle with the insert making full contact with the top of the bottle.
  • Snap the nipple/teat into the nipple/teat collar and place loosely on the bottle.
  • Warm the bottle – always remove all bottle components before warming to prevent the vent from leaking fluid if gas forms during warming. Do not warm the liquid beyond body temperature of 98.6°F (37°C). Always test temperature of liquid before feeding baby.
  • Be sure to tighten the collar snugly before feeding, but do not over-tighten.

Dr Brown’s Bottle Assembly
How to assemble a Dr. Brown's Bottle

Places to Buy Dr. Brown’s Online

  1. Target
  2. Bed Bath & Beyond
  3. Amazon
  4. Or simply head to Dr. Brown’s Where To Buy Store Locator
Cute baby eating a cupcake: Why you should switch to Dr. Browns Bottles
So when Summer’s first birthday hit and we had to introduce a sippy cup I was nervous that we were going to disrupt the schedule of our little sleeper.  Luckily, I was able to turn to our favorite brand to help transition Summer from bottles to sippy cups.  For all of those of you out there who are reading this post and think that I am nuts – then you haven’t had a baby who doesn’t sleep well.  Isabella didn’t sleep through the night until she was 18 months old and I was a walking zombie.  Luckily, Summer is the opposite and we have Dr. Brown’s to attribute to it.  As you can see below Dr. Brown’s sippy cups have already been a part of Isabella’s playdates and princess parties so I just needed to add in the right size sippy cup for Summer to complete our collection.

Children playing with Dr. Browns Bottles

Kids with Dr. Browns Bottles

Why Dr. Brown's Bottles make all the difference for babies.

This soft spout transition cup has been the perfect cup for Summer.  This “first cup” is now even better with sturdy, contoured handles that make it easier than ever for little hands to get a comfortable grip.  Isabella is already a fan of the Dr. Brown’s Sport Cup which is an insulated cup that is easy to handle.  I can attest to the validity of this statement – both cups will limit the mess that your little ones can create.  Amen to a company that takes functionality and practicality into account.

Dr. Brown's Bottles: How to use them plus their benefits.

It doesn’t look like we will have any problem transitioning Summer from her sippy cup to her toddler cup when the time is right.  She has already grabbed a hold of Isabella’s toddler cup and attempted to make it her own.  Hopefully this isn’t foreshadowing for whats to come in our future.


Thank you to Dr. Brown’s Baby for partnering with me on this post.   A special thank you to my readers who support the brands that support the healthy happy vision of The Chic Series.


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