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I have been really lucky that this blogging career has connected me with some incredible people.  People whose paths I might have never crossed had I not accidentally entered into this world.  It is so much different than your traditional corporate setting.  There are no reviews, no one is checking your work and no one is watching you or guiding you on how to conduct yourself in this environment.  Luckily, I have surrounded myself with an awesome group of bloggers all of whom I admire in different ways.  I’m impressed daily with their professionalism and with their drive as its not easy to be self-motivated and self-disciplined.  Instead of being intimated by them I am inspired by them.  Don’t even get me started on their talent, SO MUCH TALENT!  They have helped answer questions and congratulated me on my successes along the way.  I was always curious to see what this world was like, a group of attractive women competing for a position at the top.  Yikes!  However, like any setting you find people you identify with and continue to connect with them along the way.  But instead of just connecting I have become friends with them, so many of them.  As I think about all of my blogging buddies turned bffs now I realize that I am extremely fortunate and grateful to have found so many great friends along the way.

Another wonderful thing about the blogging world?  I am connected with some incredible and inspirational brands.  Brands like Merci Chocolate that allow me to partner with them to promote their powerful message and messages that I believe in.  I have partnered with Merci Chocolate because they have realized that the thoughtful act of showing kindness and gratitude is an act that was slowly disappearing in this fast paced and crazy world we live in.  Their solution was to promote this message and inspire people to pass along a little note, gift or even an act as simple as saying thank you.  Again, I feel lucky to be part of the blogging world because it has given me the opportunity to connect with Merci who has inspired me to reflect (more regularly now) on why I am thankful.  When we moved down here I didn’t really know anyone (other than my husband’s family) or have any friends.  It was just Isabella and I on our own in an attempt to conquer Charlotte.  I flew up to NYC every chance I got to see my friends and family but somewhere along the way after countless flights I forced myself to attempt to make friends and I have the community of blogging to thank for it.

So thank you to everyone who has befriended me and has been such an incredible system of support since I moved down here.  I would list out all of the bloggers who I have become friends with but I’m afraid I might miss someone.  Instead, I have posted pictures of all of the collaborations I have done with so many of these awesome chicks.  So thank you to you, my blogger bffs, from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me into this unknown community and befriending me, this “tough” girl from NYC.

So my question to you is – Who do you want to thank?  You too should be inspired by Merci Chocolate’s message of giving thanks!  I have realized with the help of Merci and some monumental events that life is too short not to say thank you and to not go out of your way to show your appreciation.  Let go of the bad and celebrate the good and I encourage by sending someone Merci Chocolate to go and thank someone who you have been meaning to thank – and do it today!

Kate Brennan, Maggie Kern, Kendra Slisz and Kristen Schaffer for a Valentine's Day blog Collaboration

Maggie of Polished Closets // Kristen of Every Chic Way

Champagne Glasses and Valentine's Day Decorations

Kate Brennan, Trish Mears and Kendra Slisz collaborate together for a special Valentin'e's Day Post

Trish of Trish + Ari 

9 months of love non-alocholic champagne in champagne glasses

Becky from the Pumpkin Spot celebrating at a party with Kendra Slisz and Kate Brennan of DYG

Becky of the Pumpkin Spot

Kate Brennan, Kendra Slisz and Isabella Brennan laughing

Kate Brennan, Kendra Slisz and Isabella Brennan laughing


Lindsey Regan Thorne of Be Pretty

Cristin Cooper, Mallory Fitzsimmons and Kate Brennan at NYFW

Cristin of The Southern Style Guide // Mallory of Style Your Senses

Christina Beauchamp, Lyndsey Zorich and Kate Brennan at Rewardstyle Party in NYC in NYFW

Christina from Fashion & Frills and Lyndsey Zorich of L’Avenue

Kendra Slisz, Kate Brennan and Hannah Chillag from DYG in Charlotte

And of course team DYG – Hannah, Kendra, Kate (and baby Summer) 



Stay tuned for my post on Halloween where I talk about giving thanks to my daughters with Merci Chocolate.  Halloween is also Isabella’s third birthday so it will be a special and most likely an emotional one.  🙂

Thank you to Merci Chocolate for partnering with me on this post and for allowing me to spread your message of kindness and the idea of giving thanks!


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