A Recap of the Powerful Lolë White Tour In Montreal

Powerful, energizing and empowering all accurately describe The Lolë White Tour experience.

The Montreal Lolë White Tour Presented by PANDORA was held at Jacques-Cartier Pier in the Old Port of Montreal.

Influencers In Attendance from Lower Left Corner Clockwise: Lauren Kay Sims, Kate Brennan, Jess Keys, Juliet, Amanda Miller

Tank // Leggings // Sportsbra // Long Sleeve Tee

On August 14, 2017 I had the incredible opportunity to experience the Lolë White Tour in Montreal.

The event was nothing short of remarkable. It is held at the Jacques-Cartier Pier in the Old Port of Montreal. Nearly 10,000 yoga enthusiasts of all levels came together to practice as one.  People of all ages, races and sizes wore white as a symbol of solidarity and a promotion of peace.  To say the event was powerful would be an understatement.  Yes, I am one of those people that gets chills in a packed Barry’s Bootcamp class. I cry during Savasana in yoga. My energy after a powerful Soul Cycle class lasts for days.  Even if you don’t share my passion and enthusiasm for fitness, it would be close to impossible not to feel the overwhelming energy radiating from this event.

Powerful, energizing and empowering accurately describe the experience at The Lolë White Tour.

I wish I could have bottled the energy at the event so I could allow you to enjoy it as well.  Have you ever closed your eyes and inhaled deeply and immediately felt at peace and energized at the same time?  That is what you would feel.  Allow me to set the stage so you can better understand.

The Jacques-Cartier Pier in the Old Port of Montreal provided the breathtaking backdrop for the event.  You walk through Old Montreal, or as they like to say Vieux-Montreal, to get to the port.  The setting  feels like a mixture of Old World Europe. There are cobblestone streets and castles in the background infused with the bustling energy of the New World.  The weather the day of the event called for thunderstorms. However, moments before the first round of yoga began the clouds parted, the rain stopped and bright blue skies emerged.  It was as if even the sun didn’t want to miss out on the event.

Upon arriving you can feel the energy in the air reminding you that something powerful is going to take place.

Rows and rows of yellow yoga mats are neatly placed in a strategic fashion.  The aerial view reminds me of the sun.  A powerful central core, the Lole stage, with yellow rays, the yoga mats, extending from it.  When I was first told of the event, I didn’t think that 10,000 people would ALL be dressed in all white. I thought, surely there had to be some outliers. I quickly saw how wrong I was. As I walked through the rows to the VIP area, just behind the stage, I saw each yellow yoga mat held its corresponding yogi dressed in all white.

Yes, we really worked out in all white.

Initially, I didn’t think twice about putting on all white to practice yoga. It was the multiple DMs and texts I received about the transparency of my white yoga pants that had me hesitant to try them on. Rest assured friends, if you are going to purchase a pair of white yoga pants – a trend I had already been eyeing – these are the ones for you.  Double lined for protection and let’s be honest privacy you can not see through them.  The thick waistband and and cropped length actually make them really flattering.  Made of quick-dry fabric, they feature a Coolmax® lined gusset and breathable mesh inserts so you can practice your yoga flow in comfort and without fear.

Tank // Pants // Long Sleeve Tee // Sports Bra // Sunglasses

While white tank tops are not hard to come by I loved the one I was wearing. You can wear it for athletic or athleisure purposes. Lolë stands for Live Out Loud Everyday. It’s a lifestyle brand passionate about creating clothes that will outfit you in all aspects of your everyday active life.  After touring Lolë‘s corporate office and meeting their incredible team I now know that this is a belief that they are so extremely passionate about.  It is less of a concept and more a way of living. They all promote and practice it every day.  The Lolë Ramina Sports Bra RAMINA BRA is an item that has now made its way into my daily rotation.

Lolë, which stands for Live Out Loud Everyday, is a lifestyle brand passionate about creating clothes that will outfit you in all aspects of your everyday active life.

Ok back to the actual event.  While there was surely an energy emanating from the thousands of people wearing all white it was the music that filled the air that set the tone.  The folk artist BEYRIES was quite exceptional: the Montrealer created a soundscape that was pure and captivating.  Her luminous voice provided a powerful and emotional backdrop for the event.

Right before the yoga actually began there was a quiet hush that swept across the crowd and yoga teachers Nadia Bonenfant and Selena Isle took the stage.  They traded on and off throughout the class.  Nadia teaching in French and Selena teaching in English creating even more solidarity and unity amongst everyone attending.

Their energy was contagious.

Their light hearted yet impactful way of teaching resonated with the crowd.  If you looked around to observe – which I did so I could accurately convey the vibe – you could see smiles, tears and laughter throughout the crowd.  If at any point you couldn’t follow along you could just look up at find one of the yogis perched on a stage flowing in union with the teachers.  As if Nadia and Selena’s positivity wasn’t empowering enough Dawn Mauricio, lead a meditation session to end the event that also proved to be equally as powerful.

At multiple points during the event were powerful chants the crowd repeated as one.

If my narrative doesn’t do the event justice then just take a look at the images.  You can almost feel the sentiments of solidarity, unity, strength and energy radiating from the crowd.  Thank you to the Lolë team for allowing me to participate in such a powerful and moving experience.  An event which embodies everything I stand for in life and on this blog.  There is nothing quite like this event that so wonderfully merges the strength of community, the power of fitness, and the promotion of wellness.  I only hope that I will have the opportunity to bring their powerful message and all of the energy that it embodies to Charlotte one day.


Thank you to the Lolë team for partnering with me on this post.  A special thank you to you my readers for supporting the brands that support the healthy and happy lifestyle of The Chic Series. 


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