Jumpsuit Chic!

The easiest way to beat the heat in summer and be cocktail ready in under 30 minutes is this simple combo: A Jumpsuit and a Bold Accessory!  I went with one of my favorite color combinations for this look – cobalt and citrus neon.  I love the contrast of the bright pink lip and neon accessories against the vibrant blue jumpsuit.  The brighter the better in summer!

A photo of NEUin4CfHeBvL4w1R7wW1cbRC2exSG_L0QB_zRD8E7UA photo of tG2eB3inYOKj4EmYvnt_UJtAPpLPDJUPoAVQq95aTSoA photo of iUi44A4IYn6ZBkwow7xtVTq5ddzvHoxHJ3-UR96AnuoA photo of -w7KdLJ6JdLqomSCloFe-LCV6suijsnAKkhgRO-yOSY

A photo of 83kxC-LqmWLMxja4o_q2DvisvHtPucL6L6A5zOwpPnMA photo of 668BK_bP34GnhQzfoxNSZh6z8JjriTWomY-ZXnPx6ycA photo of aPYB9FPag3hWmWfK0DAPEMpnAoAC9dGf6p2-hb20AzMA photo of VRaPLDn2Rr9ehttwT5uRm_4Fm0w2rZozt0WC5LGtGHEA photo of o2lnAJ483jB16m8bXU12Y1RAdWb3Ul_c-sEYLzY53poJumpsuit: Yumi Kim Here, and loving this wide leg version Here / Earrings: Kendra Scott / Sunglasses: Similar Here / Shoes: Gianni Bini / Lipstick: Stila / Bag: Necessary Clothing similar here and my lust version here

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