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Have you heard of Juice Bar that recently opened in Providence Plaza and is currently expanding into two different locations in Charlotte?  Well, we discovered it post spin class at FlyWheel in CLT and are hooked.  Here is a quick summary about their concept and vibe:

“Juice Bar is overwhelmingly vegetarian, gluten-free, organic when possible, and always uses 100% whole fruits and vegetables.  Simply said, we are a “I want to eat healthy and feel great” type place, offering yummies like our Super Greens juice with local wheat grass, or our superfoods salad with kale, spinach, organic quinoa and fresh-juiced lemon dressing.  In season we purchase directly from local farms …”  You can continue reading more about them here or just stop in and try it out for yourself.  You will LOVE it!

Being the health nuts that we are, we jumped at the chance to partner with Juice Bar and try out their three day cleanse.  You can read more about our experience below but the great news is we are partnering with them to GIVEAWAY A THREE DAY CLEANSE!  Here is how you can enter to win:

1. Find the dedicated post on instagram and like this photo on the @dressyourguests 

2. Follow @dressyourguests

3. Follow @juicebarclt

4. Tag a friend (tag more for additional entries)

5. Stay tuned – winner will be announced on Monday October 12th

* Contest runs from October 7th – October 11th at 11:59 PM

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Photos by Ariana Clare – Read Her Beautiful Blog Here

On Kate: Pants: Splendid // Tee: Splendid // Vest: Nordstrom // Booties: Splendid // Necklace: Nordstrom // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban // Lipgloss: Rosie Jane

On Kendra: Romper: Monrow // Gladiators: Rebecca Minkoff // Sunglasses: Finlay and Co. // Necklace: Kendra Scott // Watch: Michael Kors

We could summarize our juice cleanse in one statement.  “It started off HARD, and by the end we were sad to have no juices left.”  Always a skeptic of eating no food and drinking just juice I had a hard time initially accepting the idea that I wouldn’t be ingesting any food or caffeine for three days – yikes!  We are coffee drinkers and have multiple cups in just the morning so eliminating this element from our daily routine was scary from an energy standpoint and also from a routine standpoint.  Who doesn’t enjoy their morning cup of joe and that first warm sip?!  However, when we came to better understand the science behind the Juice Bar Cleanse we felt ready to put aside our caffeine cravings and accept this challenge head on and guess what – we LOVED IT!  Curious to see why juice cleanses are beneficial?  Here are the benefits as listed on their site:

  • – General detoxification and cleansing
  • – Boost and rebuild immune systems
  • – weight loss in a healthy, non-fad way
  • – Increase energy, mood and mental focus
  • – Improve overall health, wellness, skin complexion, and more

To breakdown our experience in a simplistic way – here are the positive and negatives from our standpoint:


  • – Overall lighter feel in the body
    • Yoga on the second day of the cleanse felt incredible – almost like you weren’t weighed down by any toxins and we glided through positions
  • – Slimmer waistline
    • Without a doubt we noticed a flatter stomach.  There was no post meal bloating or indigestion.  It was a clean trim waistline which is great for upcoming big events.
  • – Weightloss!
    • Anyone can expect to see weightloss when they take in only juice for three days.  It is a great way to kick start a diet because it starts off the process on a high note.
  • – Raised awareness of what we were taking into our bodies.
    • So often you reach for food out of boredom, ease or hunger.  We were always prepared with the cleanse and had our next “meal” waiting for us.  Good habit to bring into our lives post cleanse
  • – Mood swings were lessened.
    • There were no highs and lows and we noticed that there wasn’t a 3 pm sugar slump.


  • – Headaches
    • If you are a coffee drinker you will most likely experience headaches
  • – You need to drink water – A TON OF IT
    • More than you typically consume and this is explained to you by the staff at Juice Bar.  Just be prepared to be going to the bathroom all day long.
  • – The first day is a slight shock to the body
    • Be prepared to feel light headed at moments and feel as you need to take in real food.  The first day is hard but you can get through it!

We hope to see you participate in the cleanse and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback on both Juice Bar CLT, the Cleanse and our summary of our experience.

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