Join Me for a Three Day Vegan Cleanse

Join me for this 3 Day Vegan Cleanse hosted by Organic Krush

We start as a group, Monday, January 13th!


Deadline to claim your spot is Friday, 10th at Noon

Why do I like this Vegan cleanse?

I did this same cleanse in October and loved it. In three days, I lost five pounds, my energy level was high, I slept well, my skin was visibly healthier, and when I ran, my body felt strong but lighter.  Doing this cleanse showed me that you truly are what you eat.

This short cleanse was a much-needed introduction to plant-based eating for me. When I was pregnant, I paid close attention to what I put into my body. I was very conscious of what I ate and how I felt. Once my girls were born, I noticed I stopped paying as close attention to what I was putting into my body. Why?  My health and wellness are still just as important, and I want my girls to have a strong and healthy mom!

That’s what I love most about this cleanse that I did in early October. I still ate with my family and modeled a healthy relationship with food. With this cleanse, you still eat three times a day, and there are snacks.  You will NOT be hungry.  I don’t want my girls to see me doing a juice fast or avoiding food.  I want them to know that food nourishes your body. This program is a little stricter for these three days because it is a cleanse, and you avoid vegetables with inflammatory properties like peppers and tomatoes, but the results make it worth it!

Meet Michelle, The Owner Of Organic Krush

I’m partnering with Organic Krush for this cleanse because the food is incredible. The owner, Michelle, is a fierce mom of 4!  As always I’m up for supporting any female entrepreneur which is why I originally tried the cleanse, but then fell in love with all of the food at Organic Krush.  Michelle wanted to bring delicious, organic food that the whole family could love to the community and has done that with Organic Krush. I’m so happy I found Michelle at a time when I wanted to up my healthy eating game.

Why A Vegan Cleanse?

When I realized it was time to think more about what I was eating, I dove into the research and became interested in how you can nourish and heal the body with food.

The Game Changers documentary on Netflix had a significant impact on how I viewed a plant-based diet. It showed me that protein, even for elite-level athletes, does not have to come from animal sources. It also highlights the health risks that can increase from eating a diet heavy in animal products. People who follow a plant-based diet have more energy, a leaner body, and overall less risk for illnesses like heart disease and cancer.  I thought all of this was amazing. That documentary had me convinced (and my husband!) that a plant-based diet was beneficial for my physical health.

But my research also led me to Team Sherzai. They are a husband and wife team of neurologists who educate followers on living a brain-healthy life. They provide incredible and compelling research about how the foods we eat affect our brains. They show how a plant-based diet can help prevent Alzheimers, depression, fatigue, and many other health challenges that our society faces. Their Healthy Minds Initiative centers around nourishing our minds and brains with food, much like we’re learning to do with our bodies.

The Benefits Of The Organic Krush Vegan Cleanse

Joining me on this three day cleanse will give you a fantastic introduction into this way of eating. Let me share with you a few of the food items and their benefits that you’ll enjoy on this cleanse:

  • cardamom kicks your immune system into gear and tells it to get to work (as well as reducing cholesterol)
  • green juice is high in alkalizing (this means gut balancing) greens; the colorful juice adds natural sugars to your day with a little natural energy boost
  • grapes are anti-inflammatory, rich in red color which is known to reduce cancers (especially of the digestive system)
  • butternut squash enhances hair growth and will leave your skin healthy & glowing
  • collard greens have many phytonutrients that are known to fight cancer and a whole host of diseases
  • spirulina is one of the few minerals on the planet that has a direct effect on eye and brain health

Are you ready to reap the benefits from the three day vegan cleanse with me and Organic Krush? I know I am looking forward to giving my body the best reset and boost possible before the holiday season. I’m looking forward to having you join me beginning on Monday, November 18. Let’s benefit from this cleanse together!


Deadline to claim your spot is Friday, 10th at Noon

Pricing – We are looking to get a group of ten people to cleanse together so we can get a discounted rate of $185!  We are more than half way there.  Tell your friends about it!  You need to be confirmed by end of day Friday, January 10th.


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