How to Prep For Kids Snack Time With Dr. Browns

How to Prep For Kids Snack Time With Dr. Browns

Snacks stress me out.  Anyone else have this dilemma?  When I cook breakfast, lunch or dinner I always try and keep them relatively healthy but when snack time rolls around its anything goes in our house.  A handful of Pirate’s Booty here, a chocolate Kit-Kat there and a bag of Gold Fish later and before you know it I have eaten 1300 calories without even sitting down for a meal.

With two little girls to feed who love snacks just as much as I do, I knew I had to start making some changes for the better. While the occasional treat is great I don’t want to make our afternoon snack habit look like something out of the candy aisle.  The problem with healthy snacks is most of them need to be prepared ahead of time.  I know what you are thinking who has time to meal prep?!  And okay so once you prepared the healthy snacks you now have to worry about them spoiling.  Yes I know those pack of fruit snacks are good until 2021 but think about that…you are ingesting something that has chemicals in it that will allow it to stay “fresh” for years.  Sound healthy?  I don’t think so.

So before you stop reading I have solutions to all problems you are currently rolling your eyes at.  For me healthy snacks also require thought whereas its easy to grab a granola bar and go.  So before you reach for that “healthy and nutritious bar” read my tips on how to do healthy meal prep below.

It’s Snack Time

  • Shop the outer aisles of the grocery store.  The inner aisles contain all of the packaged products.  They also contain the items that have been packaged by companies that invested millions into marketing.  They have studied busy tired moms like us and they know that words like healthy and delicious will get us to purchase.  Don’t get lured into their scheme and don’t even go down those aisles especially with kids in tow.
  • Daily Harvest smoothies are amazing.  I mix them with chocolate almond milk for Isabella and she thinks they are a milkshake.  They deliver to your house and you freeze them until you are ready to use.  Just blend, pour into this adorable cup and serve!
  • Dr. Brown’s has a website, Designed To Nourish dedicated to healthy eating!  They have creative recipes like Beet pancakes and other tips on how to get your kids to eat healthy.

How to Prep For Kids Snack Time With Dr. Browns

Kid’s Snack Prep Tips

  • Invest in great storage containers.  I love Snack-A-Pillar Stackable Snack & Dipping Cups.  Super simple and it allows me to store a variety of different healthy snacks at once.  Because you know one day they love strawberries and the next they can’t stand them.  I make it into a game…can you guess what is inside of this cup?!  Surprise!  Its yogurt covered raisins!  Crowd goes wild.
  • When I am preparing one of our healthy dinners I will often cut up additional veggies and store them in one of the cups.  No additional work or clean up needed.
  • Have a little one who isn’t eating solid foods yet?  Try this Make a Smash Food Smasher to easily mash up solid foods.  So easy and great for on the go!
  • Tummy Grumbles Reusable Snack Bags are great for items like veggie sticks that don’t fit in the cups.  They are also lightweight, water-resistant and freezer safe AND can be put into the top-rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning.
  • Taste the rainbow.  Food is so much more appetizing, especially for children, when its bright and colorful.
  • Clean out that fridge and then clean out that pantry.  When they are overwhelming the whole process becomes overwhelming.  Keep healthy foods and snacks on eye level.  This will be the first thing you see and you will be immediately reminded why they are there.
  • Healthy bars are always a great option but sugars and honestly crap can easily be disguised in them.  I’m a huge fan of The Perfect Bar.  A bar that was invented by a father who believed that good nutrition is at the root of how we feel.   Its a family run business and the bars are delicious and so fresh that they need to be refrigerated.  Isabella likes all of the flavors in the chocolate variety pack – and ahem so do I.

How to Prep For Kids Snack Time With Dr. Browns

BPA Free

So if you are going to spend the time meal prepping make sure you choose storage containers that are BPA Free.  Again Dr. Brown’s is where I head to when it comes to providing feeding supplies for my kids.  So what is the main reason that I turn to Dr. Brown’s time and time again?  The mission at Dr. Brown’s, has always been to create innovative baby products to promote good health and optimal nutrition.  Dr. Brown’s products focus on great functionality for mom and good health for baby.  They do the research so we don’t have to.  A baby company that considers both moms and kids?!  Sign me up for life.
How to Prep For Kids Snack Time With Dr. Browns

A Week’s Worth Of Healthy Snack Ideas

So you have your tips on how to shop for healthy snacks, your tools you need to prep now you just need some actual snack ideas.  Here are my seven favorite and creative snack ideas from some of my favorite Pinterest finds.

  1. Peanut Butter Bear Toast with Bananas & Blueberries
  2. Butterfly Snack Bags
  3. Sweet Potato Banana Bites with Chocolate Chips
  4. Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bark
  5. Apple Cookies
  6. Tangerine Pumpkins
  7. Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

How to prep for kids snack time






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