How To Get Your Household Organized

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Good-Bye 2017: The Year Of Chaos

2017 is a year that I am happy to close out.  An all around difficult year with so many moving parts and changes it felt like I was rarely in control.  After becoming a mom the second time around my organization skills took a deep nose dive.  Couple this chaos with all of the uncertainty in our lives lead and it felt like I was constantly drowning.  Our schedules were always up in the air and rapidly changing and our ability to sleep well due to our travel seemed like a rarity.  We were constantly fighting colds and fighting with each other.  Well guess what?!  2018 is the year I am taking back control and going to get our household organized.

Hello 2018: The Year Of Organization

For some reason I have always fought the idea of running a household.  It sounded antiquated and like something that was only done in the 1950’s.  However, I have recently realized the value of taking care of your home and the family that lives in it.  I’m eager to open up the book of 2018 and excited to start a new chapter each month with our family.  Excited to start new routines but also looking forward to carrying on the ones that got us through the year of chaos.  The one tradition that I will carry forward into 2018 is our daily Starbucks trips.

My schedule is less than ideal but working for myself has afforded me the ability to be there for the moments that matter most to our girls.  While I still miss some of the moments I try and carve out quality time for us every day.  As someone who is up early and goes to bed late I often need an afternoon pick me up.  So almost daily we head to Starbucks around 2 pm and our order is almost always the same.  2 pink cake pops and 1 almond milk latte.  During this time there are no phones, no friends just the girls and I enjoying our time together.  These little trips helped me find happiness in 2017 amongst all the chaos.  This is a tradition that I will most certainly carry into 2018.

Traditions That Will Carry From 2017 to 2018

Isabella picking out her pink cake pop at Starbucks

Pack Like A Pro & Be Prepared

I have realized that part of the reason I love these little trips, other than the company, is that I am prepared.  Juice boxes are still tricky for Summer and leave us with milk either on the floor or on us.  So I pack up our Dr. Brown’s sippy cups and fill them up with whole milk to prevent spills.  As someone who knows the importance of healthy eating I also do believe in the occasional indulgence.  These little reusable pouches from Dr. Brown’s are always packed with healthy snacks to offset our daily cake pop habit.  Dr. Brown’s pacifiers and teethers are still on hand for both girls.  They are comfort tools and I’m not afraid to break them during an epic meltdown.  Being out in public with an ensuing meltdown is a sure fire way to promote stress.  However, if you have the right tools you can handle anything.

Dr. Brown’s Teether, Pacifier and Little Tummy Grumbler Pouches

Dr. Brown’s Bottles are still Summer’s favorite.  She has little hands so she loves the easy grip of the smaller bottles.

If you are like me and feel like you lost control over the past year, I have complied some tips I found helpful to get you back on track.  Cheers to living a more organized, stress-free and productive year.  When all else fails enjoy a moment unplugged with a cake pop, it works every time.

Tips For Running An Organized Household

  1. Get Organized!  
    1. Make it organization you can see.  Good HouseKeeping has some great storage ideas.  I have started using clear bins and it makes the world of difference.  Everything just look neater and I as a result feel less overwhelmed.
  2. Edit Your Bathroom!
    1. Think about how much time you spend getting ready.  My full on get ready routine is under 30 minutes but often takes an hour because I can’t find anything.  These organization tips from Martha Stewart were so helpful when I organized my bathroom.
  3. Make It Look Pretty!
    1. My friends at The Home Edit have inspired millions with their color coded organization system.  Try it in your closet.  It makes getting ready so much easier and it also allows you to eliminate outliers that you don’t typically wear.
  4. Have One Master Calendar
    1. I had agendas, apps, calendars, daytimers and planners trying organize every move of my life.  I wanted to keep work and family separate but the truth of the matter is they often merge on a daily basis so why not keep them organized in the same place.  Invest in a color coded calendar that stays in the same place with the same pencil – because things change – and check it and update it daily.
  5. Declutter The Playroom!
    1. How many of us have spent hours picking up after our kids?  Meticulously arranging crayons and only 5 minutes later to have them scattered throughout multiple rooms in your house.  My solution would be use large see-through bins and label them.  When kids can’t see their toys they will dump every thing on the floor until they can find that one teeny tiny Shopkin they were looking for.  Organize the bins in a simple shelf system like this one.  I label the bins with big bold letters to help Isabella learn how to read and to get her to participate in the clean-up process.
  6. Invest In The Good Stuff!
    1. Whether it’s the good denim or the good baby bottles I believe that you should invest in the products and pieces that get your through every day life.  Sure I’m down for the occasional cheapie purchase but it never lasts in the long run.
      1. These are the three clothing brands that I love and can always count on for chic investments:
        1. Paige for Denim
        2. Stuart Weitzman for Shoes
        3. Nike for Athletic Apparel
        4. Bobbi Brown for Makeup
      2. These are the three children’s brands that always seem to last the test of time:
        1. Dr. Brown’s Bath Wash & Baby Bottles
        2. Tucker & Tate For Adorable & Comfortable Clothing
        3. Little Giraffe for the softest baby blankets

Thank you to 2017 for the lessons we learned.  2018 we welcome you with open arms and can’t wait for this fresh start!


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