How the Megaformer Helped Transform My Body

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Meet the Megaformer

The Megaformer is my secret weapon machine that I have used to strengthen and tone my core after having two kids.  The workout is based on a technique developed by Sebastian Lagree who is also responsible for creating the megaformer.  While the machine may look intimidating, it is one of the most effective ways to tone your entire body. I’m not the only one who thinks so, Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian and multiple Victoria’s Secret Angels head to the megaformer to tone, tighten and strengthen their entire body especially their core.  Have you seen Kim Kardashian’s abs’ recently?!

My studio of choice in Charlotte, North Carolina is HSM | Core and if you have been wanting to try it out you can use code “chicseries” to take your first class for free!  I promise you will LOVE it!  Here is what you can expect when taking a megaformer class.

 What Is A Megaformer?

Think of a Pilates Reformer on steroids.  It allows you to do full range of motion exercises without adding any excessive stress on the joints or the spine.  The main part of the machine known as the carriage has various settings allowing you to perform multiple exercises with different resistances.  It targets all zones of the body especially the core as you stabilize almost all movements with this area of your body.  You will use the resistance of the spring load to help the machine glide in and out.  Sebastien Lagree who is located in Los Angeles, developed the megaformer and the Lagree Fitness Method to work in tandem with the machine.

Why is it so effective?  At HSM | Core the thought process is that slow controlled movements will increase your cardio endurance and effectively target your muscles.  Essentially the slower you move the harder you work, not the case in your typical class with a treadmill.  Imagine your muscles being stretched on the machine and you can actually feel them elongate.  In addition, as you perform each movement in a slow controlled manner you have the ability to really isolate and effectively target muscles.

Achieve A Healthy Body AND A Healthy Mindset

I’m a big proponent of workouts that challenge both the body and the mind.   More and more research is coming out on the endless benefits of a healthy mind or a positive mind and its affect on the body. According to Lagree, “The heaviest weight to lift is the weight of a negative mind. But mental health is more than just positive thinking; it’s your self-esteem. How you really feel about yourself affects everything else in your life. People with good self-esteem have an abundance of confidence and are better at managing stress and avoiding self-destructive behaviors such as compulsive eating and so forth. Feeling great about yourself impacts your behavior which impacts your body composition.”  Couldn’t agree more.

My Megaformer Workout Routine

I typically workout at HSM | Core twice a week.  If I wanted the maximum results I would train there four times a week.  The reason I LOVE it is because it targets those hard to reach areas.  Think inner thighs, lats – or better know as the bra fat zone and the lower abdominals.  In addition, the workouts and machine are structured to help you elongate your figure instead of creating bulky muscles.  As someone who loves to run it is the perfect workout to compliment that type of cardio training.

You have heard the saying, abs are made in the kitchen.  Combining HSM | Core with healthy eating habits is the most effective way to achieve a long lean figure and killer abs.  Typically, I follow Nancy Anderson’s 30 Day Slim Down to reset my healthy eating habits.  If you want to try this highly effective plan you can use code Kate10 for a discount on your purchase.

My Favorite Megaformer Workouts

So what types of moves can you expect when you head there?  Think of some of your favorite moves but using the resistance of the machine.  Squats are ten times better on the megaformer because you are forced to really engage your inner thighs to keep the machine still.  My absolute favorite move is called standing inner thighs and it is actually as it sounds.  As the machine glides in and out you use the inner thigh muscles to control the machine.

Lunges are another move that will be intensified on the machine.  You will leave this class with a burn in your legs, butt and inner thighs and as someone that loves that next day soreness this is something you can definitely expect in that area.  While I love a good run, the great think about the megaformer is it is a low to non-impact workout.  All of that running and pouring on pavement can wear on joints whereas the megaformer has the opposite effect.

Upper body – the upper body is effectively worked into every routine.  Whether you are utilizing the machine to effectively target biceps or triceps or doing standard push-ups the upper body always gets an effective workout.  In addition, there are multiple to handles that you can utilize to help you really get deep into each and every move.  Think deep tricep dips and push-ups.

Finally the core.  The core is engaged the entire time during the workout.  There are so many iterations of different core moves that it never gets boring.  This machine can help you do your standard crunch or my personal favorite plank to pike which targets the lower core.  Good-bye muffin top.  All moves are intensified on the megaformer when you head to the back of the machine.  You are in a constant “fight” to keep the megaformer from sliding to the front of the machine.   As evidenced below it is not easy but the results are worth the fight.

The Back Of The Machine

Megaformer Before & After

Join me this month as I partner my HSM | Core workouts along with Nancy Anderson’s 30 Day Slim Down.  Check back here on February 5th to see my results.


HSM | Core Studio Locator

If you want to try out HSM | Core you can try out your first class for FREE with code “chicseries” or if you already know you love it you can purchase one of these special/heavily discounted class packages here!

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