Holidays at Home: Comfy & Cozy Style

Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering with me on this post!

On Kate: Fleece Pajamas – available in 10 whimsical prints and also loving this Striped Set / Slippers / Initial Necklace

On Summer: Pajamas & Headband //// On Isabella: Pajamas & Socks

Comfy Cozy Style

I keep waiting for the moment when it feels like we get to slow down before the holidays.  It’s usually five days before Christmas arrives when shopping seems overwhelming and December temperatures have truly set in that we opt to be lazy and stay inside.  Almost, anyone who knows the Brennan family, knows that you would not describe us as lazy.  Recently, however we have been looking for an excuse to relax and unwind together as a family.  When that moment does happen I have our outfits ready to go.

We are big fans of comfy clothing in our house.  Even Isabella has her favorite pair of “comfy pants” that she likes to put on when she comes home from school.  Yes our four year old daughter changes out of her “work” clothes and puts on an athleisure outfit just like her mother and father do.  As a family we do athleisure or laid back chic very well.  I would actually say that these days its more of our forte.  So what do you look for when you are trying to recreate comfy cozy style?  Here are my top three tips, soft fabrics – avoid wool, drawstring pants are always a plus, and warm footwear.  Of course, when I needed to find comfy, cozy looks for the whole family – where did I end up?  Nordstrom! has the best selection for the whole family and when you shop online you don’t even need to leave your couch or change out of your comfy clothes!

Cozy Style For Mom

First up find pajamas that if you left the house in them it would be almost acceptable.  I love this fleece set that comes in multiple patterns and is inexpensive.  Also, I don’t have the time to put together a matching set so I leave it up to my friends at Nordstrom to create the perfect sets for me.  Below are a few of my favorites:

Cozy Pajamas That Are Almost Acceptable To Wear Outside Of The House

Accessories are a key element to creating a cozy look.  Find a mug that you love so when you sip your hot cocoa from it just makes you happy.  Warm footwear is a must!  Are you a socks or slippers kind of person?  I have never been a big fan of slippers because they always seemed like a pointless purchase to me but after splurging on this pair I now know why people buy them.  I have selected all of my favorite slippers and warm socks for you to give as gifts or request for yourself this holiday season!

Cozy Slippers & Slipper Socks

Finally blankets!  We can’t overlook blankets.  Its the main piece to the cozy puzzle.  This genuine rabbit fur pom-pom throw comes in five colors and is only $99.  Large cable has been trending in a big way which is why I love this style from Nordstrom.  Wrap up and get cozy against the winter cold with this supersoft blanket knit in a thick, classic cable pattern that comes in four colors and is only $99.  Gift this to the blogger or chic mom on your list – I guarantee she will love it.

Snapped of Summer and I right before bedtime in our cozy pajamas

Cozy Style For Kids

On Summer: Pajamas & Headband //// On Isabella: Pajamas & Socks

As a busy mom I prefer to buy pajama sets for the girls.  Who honestly has time to color coordinate their kids pajamas?!  Two children’s brands that always seem to get kids fashion right – not too childish but still cute enough – are Tucker & Tate and Peek.  Summer’s adorable little set has fleece drawstring pants and a super soft grey top.  (As a sidenote her neck is stretched out because they were wrestling during this photoshoot – see below – but otherwise it is adorable.)

Isabella is wearing a coordinating set as well that has a cute fuzzy face with ears on it.  Her socks are what I really love!  They are super cozy material and have grips on the bottom so she doesn’t slip or slide when running around the house.  This two pack of cute plush critter socks are a perfect stocking stuffer.

Cozy Pajamas For Little Girls

It takes ALOT to get these two energetic girls to cooperate during a photoshoot but as you can tell these outfits just make them feel all warm and snuggly.   We hope you find the time to enjoy some cozy moments at home with the whole family and when you do make sure you are dressed properly.  Now someone please put on Christmas Vacation and pour the hot chocolate!

holidays at home

Post wrestling snuggle session in their Tucker & Tate Pajamas


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