The Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic

The Free People Ottoman Tunic

How To Style It & Why You Should Buy It

Tunic // Skinny Jeans // White Sneakers // Sunglasses

When CNN reached out and asked if I would contribute to article about the Free People Ottoman Tunic my answer was of cousre yes!  This solidified its popularity in my mind but also made me realize that I needed to devote a full blog post to it.  I wouldn’t say that I ever tell anyone on this blog that they NEED to buy anything.  Experiences yes but items no.  However, this is one of the pieces that if you asked me should I buy this?  My answer would be yes and to be honest, the entire Chic Series community also agrees.  For the past three years this tunic has been a top seller on the blog year over year.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In The Tunic Sweater

  • Versatility.  It can be worn dressed up or dressed down.  If you don’t believe me just scroll down to see.
  • Comfort. I’m not a fan of itchy sweaters or things that are too tight or make me too hot.
    • I’m a mom.  I’m constantly moving and always sweating.  Fabric choices are important to me.
    • The material on this sweater allows for breathability and also for a little bit of stretch.
  • Durability.  No need to dry clean and it can be washed and won’t wear.
    • Maybe this goes back to me being a mom but I have had the black color for almost three years and it looks good as new!
    • PS – the black is perfect for a last-minute Halloween costume, just pair with leggings and cat ears!
  • Flattering.  Fits & Flatters Most.
    • When I first discovered this style I thought it wouldn’t be flattering as it reminded me of a shapeless sack but it hides flaws and any winter weight you acquire during the holiday season.
    • Styling tip – balance out the volume on top with skinner on the bottom by wearing it with leggings or skinny jeans.
  • Athleisure Must-Have.  Athleisure, literally allows you to look good and feel good.
    • My only rule for myself with this trend is that when wearing leggings unless, at the gym, I need to cover my booty.  I just feel naked at my daughter’s preschool pick up with my buns on full display when wearing shorter tops and leggings.
    • This tunic allows me to confidently embrace the leggings trend without feeling insecure or exposed.

Where To Buy It

Free People



I check back on them weekly as they seem to be getting in new colors and replenishment in the colors that tend to sell out.  Also, my readers will send me  alerts when they find it on sale – you can keep up with The Free People Tunic Watch on Instagram!

So after convincing you that you need this sweater in your life now you just need to decide on a color.  See how I have styled some of the colors below.

Red Ottoman Tunic Sweater

Sweater // Jeans // Slippers // Headband // Lipgloss

Maroon Ottoman Tunic

Tunic Sweater // High Wasisted Shiny Athletic Leggings // Slide Sneakers

Bright Blue Ottoman Tunic

Tunic // Faux Leather Leggings // Over The Knee Boots // Reusable Coffee Cup

Hunter Green Ottoman Tunic

Green Tunic// White Skinny Jeans // Booties // Leopard Clutch

Bright Pink Ottoman Tunic




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