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I have been a longtime fan of Barry’s Bootcamp : a highly effective workout studio that has a bad ass atmosphere.  When my husband told us we were leaving NYC to move to Charlotte I told him I couldn’t go because Barry’s was not there.  True story.  Lucky

Shop Shape Activewear Here !

So you are pregnant and you are watching your abs fade away?  I know the feeling.  Luckily, my good friend, Nancy Anderson created a baby on board core workout routine that is safe.  Hesitant about attempting it?  As long as you are cleared by your doctor to

Powerful, energizing and empowering all accurately describe The  Lolë White Tour experience.

The Montreal Lolë White Tour Presented by PANDORA was held at Jacques-Cartier Pier in the Old Port of Montreal.

Influencers In Attendance from Lower Left Corner Clockwise: Lauren Kay Sims , Kate Brennan , Jess Keys , Juliet , Amanda Miller

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