Fit Mom’s Guide To NYC: How To Stay Fit In NYC

How to stay fit in NYC by Kate Brennan: Where to work out, healthy eating, & more

As a fitness enthusiast – my husband prefers the term fitness obsessed – I get anxious if I can’t workout.  Regardless of where we go or what we do I like knowing that I have options.  While the typical treadmill or outdoor run will suffice I love the energy and intensity that you can find in a group fitness class.  After spending several weeks in NYC I have rounded up my favorite places to workout.  With the exception of LA, there are few places that exist in the US that have the same fitness vibe and offer the same amount of options.

Best Places To Workout In NYC

Barry’s Bootcamp NYC

What To Know Before You Go: Their tagline is best workout in the world and I couldn’t agree more.  I have yet to try a workout that produces the same result and is as effective as Barry’s.  I did it the month before our wedding and dropped two dress sizes in 30 days.

Workout: Mix between cardio and weights.  Think burst sprints on the treadmill followed by rigorous floor exercise routines.

Vibe: Bad Ass.  The work-out is intense and so are the people.  If you are one of those that likes to keep up with your neighbor prepare to hit a 12.5 sprint on the treadmill and grab the heavy set of weights on the floor routine.

Sign-Up Here: Barry’s Bootcamp NYC

What to Wear: Black.  Embrace the crop top or go for and rock just a sports bra.  People at Barry’s work hard for their body and they are proud to show off their hard earned results.

Soul Cycle New York City

19th Street, Brooklyn Heights, Bryant Park, Chelsea, East 54th Street, East 63rd Street, East 83rd Street, Financial District, NoHo, NoMad, Park Slope, SoHo, TriBeCa, Union Square, West 60th Street, West 77th Street, West 92nd Street, West Village, Williamsburg 

What To Know Before You Go: You will become addicted. This workout gets everyone hooked so prepare to join the cult. Despite the regulars taking over the front row, don’t be intimidated – you can take the class at your own tempo (literally!)

Workout: Choreographed spinning. The class provides a complete full body workout in just 45 minutes. Set to the rhythm of each song, the ride’s changing beats give you the perfect combination of cardio and strength training.

Vibe: Dance party. Even the most skeptical of riders can’t help but get lost in the music during their first ride.

Sign-Up Here: Soul Cycle New York City 

What to Wear: Leggings, a tight tank, and a cool sports bra. It is hot. Expect to sweat and toss your shirt off mid-ride. Loose clothes can get in the way so the more fitted, the better.

SLT New York

What To Know Before You Go: If cardio, strength training and pilates had a baby…it would be SLT.  This shit is HARD – prepare to embrace the shake and be sore in places you didn’t think were possible to be sore.

Workout:  You will be working out on the megaformer machine – think pilates – which looks more intimidating than it actually is.  Arrive early to class so you can get a tutorial beforehand

Vibe: Sweaty yet chic.

Sign-Up Here: SLT New York

What to Wear:  Awesome leggings are a must.  Rock the newest athleisure trends like showing off a strappy sports bra in the front of your tank.

Rumble Boxing

What To Know Before You Go: It’s the Barry’s of Boxing. Same intensity. Same results. The workout is a blast and the perfect way to get out some pent up frustration while burning a ton of calories.

Workout: When you’re not hitting the bag, you’re hitting the floor with free weights. The intervals keep you moving the entire class.

Vibe: Boxing in a club. Think mood lighting and bumping music. You’ll leave feeling both physically and mentally stronger.

Sign-Up Here: Rumble Boxing

What to Wear: You’ll be wearing gloves while you’re working out which means you won’t be able to easily adjust your clothes.  So wear something that will stay put – opt for high waisted leggings a sports bra and tank that ties in the back.

Healthy eating in NYC

Healthy Eating Spots In NYC

Sweetgreen, Made Nice, Good Seed Salad, Wisefish Poke, Cava, The Little Beet, Dig Inn, Spring Bone, The Butcher’s Daughter, Juice Generation, Pressed Juicery, Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit, Cha Cha Matcha 

Additional Tips On How To Say Fit When Visiting NYC

  1. Get a step tracker such as an apple watch, fitbit, or use an app on your phone.
  2. Skip the cabs and walk.  NYC has so many hidden gems around every corner which you won’t see from a cab.
  3. Ride a Citi Bike
  4. Walk (or run!) the Brooklyn Bridge
  5. Hit Central Park. Explore the park while participating in free outside workout classes ranging from cardio to yoga.
  6. Take the stairs. Take advantage of those NYC skyscrapers. No need for the Stair-master or a pricey short-term gym membershi


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