The Insta-Chic Halloween Costume!

Still need to put together a quick Halloween costume? We loved Erica Domesek’s crystal cat headband from the blog  P.S. I Made This…  so much that we recreated our own. What could be more chic than an all black outfit with glittery cat ears?! Insta-chic Halloween costume: DONE!  You can

This is how Dress Your Guests does fashionable yet professional. Of course, we always have more tips on how to pull together the perfectly balanced ensemble for any professional yet chic setting .

  1. Wear luxe fabrics, like leather, in conservative cuts
  2. Bold necklaces are the perfect way to take an outfit to the next level
  3. Invest in a chic and classic handbag that you can use

Fashion “Challenges” in the Last Trimester, Solved!

We are rounding the corner! Only two more posts left for me. It’s definitely getting more difficult to pull an outfit together, so for this month I worked with April, my very personal stylist from J.Crew, to create five outfits to inspire my

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