Fashion “Challenges” in the Last Trimester, Solved!

We are rounding the corner! Only two more posts left for me. It’s definitely getting more difficult to pull an outfit together, so for this month I worked with April, my very personal stylist from J.Crew, to create five outfits to inspire my

My good friend Donna, founder of the blog  NewlyFed , recently got married and planned a beautiful wedding… in another country!  Learn more about her wedding festivities and how Dress Your Guests helped her on her big day.

Guests a plenty and a wedding in another country… DYG is your answer!

Donna and her new husband,

Mix Master Tips and Tricks

I have always opted for bold colors over bold patterns but this new trend of mixing prints has me intrigued.  So I decided to experiment with the concept at our last event.  After testing out multiple combinations and researching online and in stores I feel

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