7 Ways DYG is the Ultimate Themed Party Planner

Blue or Pink: What Do You Think?

I recently had the pleasure of having a baby shower and wanted to do something fun and cute with the dress code to make things extra special. Being that we don’t know whether Baby Brennan is a boy or a girl (less than 7 weeks until we find out!) I asked my sisters and the wonderful hostess Gia to give the baby shower the theme: Dress Your Guess: Blue or Pink, What do YOU think?!

The party was registered on DYG and all guests were able to log on and post pictures of their choice of attire before the event.  Not only did this get everyone excited before the party, but it also solved the common dilemma of decoding the dress code.  The hostess of the event was able to easily communicate to the guests that this was an elegant luncheon and the appropriate attire was dressy casual. Read on to the bottom of the post to see the 7 ways DYG saved the day with this themed party!

Themed Party Dress Code

The party decor even matched the dress code perfectly! The shower was decorated in pale shades of blue and pink and elegant details were included every step of the way. I am so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate Baby Brennan and to all those who sent their love who could not be there to join in on the fun. An extra special thank you to my mom, sisters and Gia for making the party so beautiful but also filled with so much love. I hope you enjoy pictures from the shower and are inspired to make your next party a themed event with the help of DYG!

PicMonkeyBabyShowerOverall PicMonkeyBabyShowerDecor

Guests were greeted with a blue or pink “mocktail” or a glass of pink champagne.  Blue and pink balloons and flowers filled each room.

PicMonkeyBabyShowerTableDecorTable decor was simple and elegant. Pale pink tablecloths were used and accented by blue napkins that had pink pacifiers as napkin holders. Blue and pink floral arrangements adorned each table.

PicMonkeyBabyShowerOutfitMy outfit! See my post on how I chose what to wear to this special occasion   My husband and I both decided to wear pink to the shower!

PicMonkeyBabyShowerFamilyWith family! As you can see the verdict is still out.

PicMonkeyBabyShowerFriendsMy friends were also split wearing both pink and blue!

PicMonkeyBabyShowerDessertOf course my favorite part of any event: DESSERT!  A gender reveal cake would be a great addition to a “Dress Your Guess” themed baby shower!

PicMonkeyBabyShowerFavorThe cutest favors I have ever seen. It still makes me teary eyed when I read it.

How DYG Played an Important Role in the Party Planning Process!

I hope you enjoyed the images I have shared with you and that you decide to register and share your next themed event on Dress Your Guests. Here are 7 ways DYG helped my shower run smoothly and perfectly for hosts & guests alike:

  1. The Hostess was able to easily communicate the dress code to the guests.
  2. Guests were able to interact before the party so they were familiar with one another.  No awkward moments.
  3. Created pre-party excitement.
  4. Allowed the hostess to set a creative dress code.
  5. Allowed guests to easily interpret a creative dress code and feel like they were appropriately dressed.
  6. People got lost on the way to the shower and DYG provided a way to easily access the address with our google maps feature.
  7. After the event passed pictures were uploaded and shared in the DYG event gallery.  It is nice to share images with friends and family but it is also nice to know that these images will inspire others who are looking to plan their next themed party.

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    Its Very well article related Baby Shower Party Planner. The Author writes about DyG played and Important Role in the Party Planning. The Author explained with images and he narrates about the experience of the Dress Codes,Guest behavoiur.

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