Donna’s Destination Wedding in Israel!

My good friend Donna, founder of the blog NewlyFed, recently got married and planned a beautiful wedding… in another country!  Learn more about her wedding festivities and how Dress Your Guests helped her on her big day.PicMonkeyDonnaandKate

Guests a plenty and a wedding in another country… DYG is your answer!

Donna and her new husband, Tal, were married in Israel where they merged their American and Israeli culture for a fun filled week of activities and celebrations. If anyone has planned a party before they know how much organization and work goes into planning such an event, let alone a destination wedding!!! It appears that the question everyone seems to ask, typically the week before and during the most stressful point of planning, is “WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?” What if there were a way for a hostess to easily communicate the dress code to her guests?  What if there was a service that allowed guests to feel comfortable in selecting the appropriate attire for the occasion?! Ah-ha! Enter DYG. In three simple steps a hostess can register her event, provide guests with the appropriate dress code, and ensure that all guests will arrive feeling fabulous and confident in their choice of attire.

In our Q&A with Donna we discovered how DYG allowed her to ensure all of her guests were dressed correctly for all of her wedding related events.  Donna also used our new event gallery feature to share her wedding photos.  Check them out HERE and HERE!


Q: Congratulations on your marriage and on such a beautiful wedding!  We can’t even imagine how many details you had to coordinate while planning a wedding in another country! How did DYG help in the planning process?

A: Yes, it was definitely stressful at times but well worth the effort. The entire week was absolutely amazing! One of the hardest parts was making sure all of our guests from the States were comfortable with the dress code for the different events since it was something completely different from the norm. DYG helped me reach everyone and throw around outfit ideas for each event. Additionally, I was having a hard time figuring out what to wear myself. As the bride, I wanted something special for each night but not over the top. Kate helped me pick out a few key outfits for the week.

Q: We have heard that Israeli weddings are different from weddings in the US. How so? How is the dress code different?

A: Israeli weddings are just one huge party. The formality is not there like in the US and everyone you know is invited (our guest list was at 450!) I tried to ensure that there were small touches of an American wedding present, while keeping the festive feel of an Israeli wedding. In Israel, anything goes as far as dress code. Jeans are acceptable!! I spread the word that I preferred cocktail attire or fancier!

Q: Please share some of the fabulous events leading up to
and after the big day!

A: We had about 40 of our friends from the US come so we started the week with a Welcome Dinner in Tel Aviv. We then did day trips to the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. My dad’s family is Moroccan so we had a traditional Henna party two days before the wedding (it is supposed to bring the bride and groom good luck). After the wedding, we had a brunch and then a Shabbat dinner for all our family and friends.

Q: How did you communicate the dress code to all of your guests for each specific event?

A: I was getting lots of emails with questions about attire for both the girls and guys. I realized the easiest thing to do was to create an event on DYG so it would be easier to communicate ideas with everyone rather than answering individual emails!

Q: Tell us about your outfits for each event!

A: I loved my outfits for each night! I chose a fun and short dress for the Welcome dinner since it was in a trendy restaurant. For day trips, I decided on an Alice and Olivia romper and a sundress with a scarf and some chunky jewelry.  I absolutely loved my dress for the Henna party, which was a beach BBQ. I chose a long colorful Alice and Olivia dress that was perfect for the beach! For the brunch, I picked something more casual and chose gingham shorts from J.Crew with a tank and wedges. Finally, I decided on a cute, bright floral romper from Yumi Kim for the Shabbat dinner.

Donna's Destination Wedding, Dressing Her Guests!

Q: You looked stunning on your big day!  Tell us how you decided on your day of wedding attire, and tell us about your wedding party motif.

A beautiful sun set over a day trip for Donna's wedding guests to Jerusalem.

A beautiful sun set over a day trip for Donna’s wedding guests to Jerusalem.

A: Thanks!! Everything was perfect! I decided on a Monique Lhullier gown. Honestly, it was love at first sight! I knew that I would do a strapless style because that looks best on me, but when I put this on and my sister and my mom started tearing up, I knew it was the right dress. I also liked that it was not too heavy– it gets very hot in Israel during the summer!

Q: Your groom also looked very handsome! We liked that he strayed from the traditional tux. How did you come to make this decision?

A: He looked hot! We knew that we did not want a traditional tux because it would be too fancy for an Israeli wedding so we were looking for something unique. Not a regular old suit but not something as fancy as a tux. We knew we wanted something gray because we chose lots of whites, grays, light pinks and purples for the design. However, we did not know exactly for what we were looking until we found it. Just like me, the second he put it on, we were sold. I also loved his shoes. We picked a honey-brown shoe to compliment the suit and it worked!


Q: We are so excited that you shared pictures from your wedding week with us! Tell us why you decided to upload your photos to DYG.

A: Destination weddings are hard enough so I thought these pictures might help others get ideas for their weddings and celebrations.

Q: Any tips for future brides out there who are just beginning the destination wedding planning process?

The beautiful bride and her husband!

The beautiful bride and her husband!

A: Where do I start? Do not be shy to email and ask questions and request Skype calls to make sure that your ideas are heard. Pinterest is a great way to show your florist and/or wedding planner ideas. Try to arrive at your destination at least a couple days before your guests so you can take care of any last minute logistics before they arrive so you can focus on your guests (and having fun) once everyone arrives.

Also, I would definitely advise on planning out your outfits for each event/day. I do not always do this but I felt like it was imperative for this trip. Everyone on the trip is there for you and your groom, and you do not want to have to worry about it.

Finally, just enjoy the weekend/week because it only happens once in your life and it flies by!


Q: Lastly, from one bride to next, why would you recommend that people use DYG?

A: DYG is such an easy way to communicate with your friends about attire for events that it makes things so much simpler. Instead of forwarding pictures to each of my friends, this allows us all to communicate more efficiently. Finally, I love having fashion advice! It allows me to get creative with my outfits, because someone with a real eye for fashion can make sure I look my best!

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