How To Dress Your Table

Kendra will be helping us introduce a new element to DYG this summer.  In addition to providing style tips on how to dress for an event we will also be sharing ideas on how to dress your party.  First up, how to dress your table for an intimate summer dinner.  Once again, bravo to Kendra for putting together this amazing table setting!  Bonus – You don’t have to break the bank to put together an elegant table top.  All items from this post are from Target and Home Goods!

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Dress: Calypso similar style here and here / Earrings: Old Navy / Sandals: Michael Kors

5 tips on how to dress your table:

1. Be bold with color.  Turquoise is a great option for summertime events.  Colors that pair well with turquoise are pink, coral orange and cobalt blue.

2. Flowers are always a great center piece and a great way to add color to your table.  Try separating them into several different vases to create a larger scale arrangement.  Use vases that vary in height to add dimension to your table.  Remember not to make them higher than eye level of your guests or they will be distracting when trying to talk to your guests.

3. Mason jars are still such a trend! They’re fun, inexpensive and add a summery element to your table, use them as water glasses or mix your favorite cocktail in them and serve with fun straws!

4. Add chalk board stickers to the mason jars for a fun addition to an informal dinner party.  This allows your guests to easily remember names.

5. Of course – what should you wear!?  Something that matches the mood you set for your dinner party.  I chose this bright sequin dress because its exactly what I want my guests to feel.  Happy and comfortable!   Don’t forget to register your party here to set the tone for your next soiree.


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