Dr. Brown’s Roundup

Summer Brennan is drinking from a Dr. Brown's Options Bottle

Summer Brennan is laying down in her UppaBaby Vista stroller with her Dr. Brown's Options Bottle

Dr. Brown's Options Bottle in Pink
Blogger Kate Brennan wears a Rachel Pally dress while holding her daughter Summer Brennan who is drinking from a Dr. Brown's Options bottle

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Dr. Brown’s Toothbrush and Toothpaste Toddler Set

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It is clear that in the Brennan house we are Dr. Brown’s fans.  We attribute Dr. Brown’s Bottles to helping Summer sleep through the night.  If Summer does take a pacifier it is from Dr. Brown’s.   Our bathtime product preference is Dr. Brown’s especially the Nutritive Baby Balm which is hypoallergenic, gluten, phthalate, sulfate, petroleum and paraben free.  I even use the Balm on myself!  When it comes to Isabella she loves that she has a pink sippy cup that matches her sister’s pink Dr. Brown’s options bottles.  The nose and face wipes are also a fan favorite especially during cold season when little noses can be tender and need a wipe to be gentle.  Yes, I use them too and they do not irritate sensitive skin.   Most recently their toothpaste and toothbrush designed to introduce toddlers to dental hygiene has also integrated its way into our daily routine with Isabella.  When Summer gets teeth we will be using the Dr. Brown’s tooth and gum wipes to start her oral health at a young age.

I tested most of their products and I can hands down say that this is one of my favorite lines designed with both mom and baby in mind.  I’m so excited because we are introducing Summer to solids this week and we will be using Dr. Brown’s to help us make the transition.  I’m looking forward to Dr. Brown’s being part of our family for the next few years maybe even more if we are lucky 🙂

Thank you to the brands that support the vision of Dress Your Guests and lifestyle that we look to promote.


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