DIY Flower Crown Must-Try For This Summer

I have attended my fair share of bridal and baby showers and I am always intrigued when the hostess or host can come up with a creative way to keep guests entertained.  I personally have never been a big fan of the games so I decided to share my fun and chic way to keep guests occupied at your next shower.  Flower crowns!  They are surprisingly easy to make and it is such a fun and pretty way for guests to interact and spend their time at an event.  Here are the easy steps to DIY!

A photo of Flower Crown DIY

A photo of IMG_3213

A photo of photo 2

A photo of IMG_1292 A photo of IMG_1288

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  1. Oh Gott, sind die süüüüß!!! Die werden doch gleich nachgemacht. Ein großes DANKESCHÖN!

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