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A Much Needed Blogging Break…

As most of my avid blog readers know its been awhile since I last wrote a sentimental blog post, but here goes…  Blogging has filled many voids in my life.  At first it started out by filling the void of the business, Dress Your Guests, that I started.  As the platform was being developed for DYG I blogged to gain users and to gain media coverage.  DYG never quite took off but the blog did.  When we moved to Charlotte from NYC almost 5 years ago I blogged to fill the void of friends and family.  At the time the blog filled the loneliness in my life.  After having our second daughter the blog helped with postpartum depression.  Upon opening up on the blog about my struggle with it a community formed and being at home alone with a tiny baby and a toddler didn’t seem so isolating.  Blogging once again filled a void.

After Summer, our second daughter, was born I took a step back and looked at my life and more specifically my career.  I felt this overwhelming desire to prove to my girls that we can do it all.  I wanted to teach them that it was possible to be successful in family, friends, fitness and career.  The later was the one I was struggling with the most.  So I pushed forward, rebranded the blog, and dove head first in to what I thought was blogging.  I cranked out content, signed contracts and posted to Instagram multiple times a day.  Any free moment I had I recorded it on stories and was constantly trying to capture “the moment” to post it to Instagram.  Finally, my side hustle became my full time job and I was on my way to being “successful”.  However, there was a new void in my life.  True happiness.

Once again, I took a step back and realized something was off.  During the course of blogging I was given multiple opportunities to host events and I loved them.  Bringing women together and celebrating them was where I thrived.  The in person interaction also allowed me to genuinely share my favorite products, businesses and services with this incredible community that has formed.  Just as I started to explore how to build on this concept, Bumble approached me and asked me to be their Charlotte Queen Bee.  My responsibility – hosting events on Bumble’s behalf.  Done!  One week after I hosted my first Charlotte event as Queen Bee we moved back to NY.  Once again, my routine, my life, my influence and my blog shifted.

From Charlotte Back To NY…

Upon coming back to NY I finally exhaled.  From the moment we arrived in Charlotte I wanted to come home.  Charlotte is an incredibly beautiful place and I have made friends for life there but NY has and always will be home.  The “void” that I was always looking to fill seemed to melt away.  I spent the summer organizing our life, catching up with friends and family and enjoying the beach.  Every warm afternoon was spent at the pool with the girls and I slowly eased back into being front and center in their life.  A role that I surprisingly embraced.

Did I miss blogging?  Yes, but I didn’t miss was what I was blogging about.  I like fashion but it doesn’t rule my life.  Health, wellness, fitness and community are the things I am most passionate about but I just couldn’t figure out how to blog about it.  So join me as I embark on this new adventure and share more health & wellness and continue to build on the events.  My original blogging mission hasn’t changed which was and still is to provide tips and tricks to help women look and more importantly feel beautiful.  This time around there will be more of an emphasis on how we can feel beautiful.


Toxins Are The Pits!  Make the Switch To Kopari & Take Care of Yourself & Your Pits

Detoxing My Life One Step At A Time…

I also needed to reassert my voice.  Part of my new mission will be to provide a voice that women can trust.  My goal is to become the destination for women who like me ground their life in fitness.  Women who are health conscious but not health obsessed.  Women who think athleisure will never go out of style.  Women who chose a minimal beauty routine and embrace organic products.  Women who chose to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Not only do I want to be their trusted guide to navigating this world of fashion, fitness and natural beauty but I also want to host events that bring all of these concepts to life.  Events that allow women to take a deep breath, celebrate themselves and connect.

So it feels only natural that my return to blogging is in partnership with one of my favorite natural beauty brands, Kopari.  I feel fortunate to be part of their #TheTruthStinks campaign of which you learn more about here. Overall Kopari‘s pledge to their brand and their customers couldn’t align better with the message that I want to promote;

“At Kopari, we coconut like we give a damn. We’re unnaturally obsessed with all things au naturel. We’re passionate about products that make you look gorgeous with ingredients that make you feel great.”

The Beauty Detoxification

When we left Charlotte we decided to sell everything we owned.  Yep that’s right EVERYTHING.  We wanted to start fresh in NY and I took this opportunity to not only clean out my life but also my beauty cabinet.  One of the few things that I did not throw out was my Kopari deodorant.  I left the world of toxic deodorant/anti-perspirants a long time ago.  You might remember the Instastories I did months back where I tried out the multiple different kinds and I actually ended up with Kopari.  In case you missed my stories here are eight reasons why you should make the switch.

Reasons To Use Kopari Deodorant

  1. It works, I swear.  I work out 6 days a week and I work out hard.  I am training for the NYC marathon so if you haven’t seen me drenched in sweat in class you can look at my stories and see the miles I log every week.  I have tried it, I have tested it and I love it.
  2. It is both clean and non-toxic.  No Aluminum. No Baking Soda. No Parabens. No Silicone. No Phthalates.
  3. This aluminum and baking soda-free deodorant works with your body’s natural functions to aid in odor reduction.
  4. There is published information that links aluminum to both cancer and Alzheimers.  Say no more.  Switching something as simple as my deodorant to help ward off both of those awful diseases is something I can easily do and so can you!
  5. This invisible formula glides on smooth and will outlast your longest days.  No residue either!
  6. You will smell like fresh coconut milk and who doesn’t want to be reminded of the sweet smell of the islands?   Or if you prefer they also have a fragrance free option.
  7. Unique blend of coconut water, coconut oil, and sage oil conditions and soothes even the most sensitive underarms. It’s like skincare for your pits.  Less underarm irritation.
  8. Did I mention that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee?  Not satisfied you can return it but I doubt that will happen.
  9. This mini deodorant duo is the perfect way to test out their deodorant.
  10. Once you get hooked on their deodorant, you will slowly clean out the rest of your cabinet and add more Kopari beauty in to your life.  I’m a huge fan of their line and happy that I found a brand that I know I can trust in the clean beauty market.

Me, Pre-NYC Marathon Training Run, Applying Kopari Deodorant.  Anything to avoid starting my 20 mile run!

More Kopari Beauty Favorites

Why Is Aluminum On Your Skin Such A Big Deal?

Sweat is natural, aluminum on your body is not.  Deodorant works by helping to fight bacteria in the underarm and scent the area. While antiperspirants actually clog or shrink sweat glands with ingredients such as aluminum. This is basically stopping the body from performing its natural body functions like regulating body temperature, releasing toxins and sweat.  Ummm gross.

Did you know that your skin is actually the largest organ in the human body?  Some chemicals can and do enter your bloodstream through topical application.  Meaning you are better off doing your best to avoid applying anything to your skin with any known harmful chemicals.  Why?  What’s the big deal?  Several studies found that aluminum may contribute to the formation of certain types of cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.  To many stories have hit way to close to home recently where someone at a young age was diagnosed with one of these awful diseases.  Enough said.  Just make the switch.  Still not convinced?  Read more about Kopari and making the switch on the Kopari blog.


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