A day at the Pumpkin Patch with Summer and Dr. Browns

Kate Brennan and Summer Brennan for Dr. Browns

Kate Brennan and Summer Brennan for Dr. Browns in a pumpkin patch

Summer Brennan with a Dr. Browns pacifier wearing Tea Collection

Dr. Brown's Pacifier


Dr. Brown's Pacifier with Baby Bottle and Bottle Cooler

Kate Brennan Feeding Summer Brennan with Dr. Brown's Bottle in a Pumpkin Patch

Kate Brennan feeding summer brennan in a pumpkin patch while she wears Tea Collection

Summer Brennan wearing Tea Collection and a Baby Bling headband

Summer Brennan wearing Tea Collection with A Dr. Brown's Pacifier and a Baby Bling Headband

Pacifier // Insulated Bottle Tote // Bottle // Lovey Pacifier and Teether Holder

When Isabella was born we moved from NYC to Charlotte just four months after having her.  Traveling was a way of life.  I missed my home and my family and was on an airplane with her every chance we got.  It took me a few flights to get it down but I always had a ton of bags and was over prepared for any event that might arise on the tiny confines of an airplane.

Fast forward 2 1/2 years and after the birth of Summer I have learned all of the tips and tricks of traveling with a small child.  I no longer need to pack an overnight bag filled with toys and supplies for a week for just a car ride.  Instead I bring this small and convenient Dr. Brown’s Insulated Bottle Bag.  Initially I had it inside another diaper bag but then I realized that it has multiple compartments that allow me to stay organized and had its own personal ice pack that doesn’t sweat.  So not only did I do away with the diaper bag but I no longer carry a purse either. Gasp!  That’s right.  Everything that I need for a family outing, to say the pumpkin farm or a quick flight, fits right in this little travel bag.  I pack two diapers, a onsie, her bottle, milk and this adorable pacifier.  In the front compartment my phone and wallet slide right in and it zips closed so I don’t have to worry about losing it.  Yes that’s right it all fits in that tiny chic little black bag.

Inside my little Insulated Bottle Bag I carry Dr. Brown’s Options Bottles which I would recommend to anyone who is struggling with acid reflux and gas.  (I spoke about them here.)  It was almost a month ago when we started using them and at that time she was sleeping from 10pm – 6am every other night.  Now beggars can’t be choosers but I longed for that consistent 12 hour stretch that I only read about.  Our night nurse suggested we put her down earlier and switch the nipple on her bottle from a 1 to a 2.  The great thing about Dr. Brown’s Nipples is they are clearly marked.  Any parent that has a screaming child in the background knows you don’t have time to try and find the level on the nipple!  I’m not going to lie the thought of putting her down earlier to get her to sleep longer seemed backwards but we did as we were told like any sleep deprived parent and hoped for the best.  The next night we followed our instructions; Bath, Bottle of 8 oz from Dr. Brown’s Options, Burped and Rocked.  We laid her down in her crib swaddled in her pink swaddle and crossed our fingers and walked out of the door.  And to our complete surprise she fell asleep at 7:30 and slept until 6:30!  It’s incredible what a full night’s sleep can do for you, your family and your marriage.  Life is good!  Now fingers crossed it stays this way.

Dr. Brown’s is a company that I am proud to partner with because I feel like they not only understand the needs of a baby but also of a modern mother.  So thank you to Dr. Brown’s for partnering with me on this post and allowing me to spread the word about your incredible product!



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