Crockpot Kitchen Resolutions

Image/Recipe Via HappyHealthyMama

Happy New Year, all of you lovelies out there! Welcome to 2017 and all the joy that a fresh start brings with it. Every year, we make the inevitable resolutions about how we are going to better ourselves in the coming 12 months ahead. Whether we keep those resolutions or not, I think that just being aware of what you want to accomplish is a step in the right direction. . . a mentally healthy way to kickstart January.

For me, here are a few things I have jotted down on my notepad—

1. Learn more about photography (by community college class or self-teaching)

2. Volunteer at the Charlotte Humane Society every so often (or volunteer anywhere!)

3. Balance cardio with weight training (I tend to only do cardio at the gym)

4. Read a book, rather than surf social media, before bed

5. Spend less on dining out, and spend more time on dining in


These are all goals that I think will be easily achieved if I put my mind to them. I thought one in particular, #5, would be particularly helpful for all those busy mommas and busy bees out there looking to both conserve funds and time/energy. When those hunger pangs hit, I find myself constantly thinking of where I can pick up something to-go or where is quickest that delivers. This is rather sad seeing that I love both cooking and baking and enjoy trying out new recipes. It is also weighing on my bank account. I am desperately trying to budget in 2017 and this is where it is going to start: in the kitchen.

I plan on mastering more crockpot recipes this year. I have a crockpot and have always been tempted to use it but never have and I have absolutely no idea why. You literally just dump ingredients into the slow cooker, give it a stir, and the work is done from there. I think sometimes that I don’t cook as often because of the prep and clean-up time but this a problem that solves all of those issues.

So, to sum this up, I have linked three crockpot recipes I found on Pinterest that I would like to test out very soon. One is a sun-dried penne vodka pasta that just looks to die for (if only these blog images were scratch-n-sniff), one is a cranberry oatmeal (image up top!) perfect to warm ya up on those chilly winter mornings ahead, and lastly is a buffalo chicken dip. You all know by now I am a vegetarian and wouldn’t add the chicken to my dip, but for those Super Bowl parties coming up, I think this would be a good crowd pleaser! And my boyfriend just happens to be obsessed with this dip whenever he has had it. I hope you all take my suggestion and try some of these out! Be on the lookout for my reviews!

Image/Recipe Via Half Baked Harvest.

Image/Recipe Via Pip and Ebby.

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