CorePower Yoga Meet-Up

corepower yoga event with Kate Brennan of the Chic Series

Join Us for a Fun Event with CorePower Yoga on June 6th at 10:30 AM

CorePower Yoga event with Kate Brennan

Blogging has taken such an interesting turn for me recently.  I love talking about fashion, fitness and clean beauty but I have felt compelled to do more for my readers.  While I love providing product reviews and offering tips on how to complete an outfit I really love the idea of connecting in a bigger way.  I have met so many of you at fitness classes and while we start by discussing workout wear we usually end the conversation by saying let’s grab drinks.  To be honest, grabbing drinks is not that easy for me these days.  With two little girls my schedule is not conducive to Thursday night wine dates.  But, workout classes, now that is something that I can do.

My mission in blogging is to make women look good and feel good but also to create a welcoming community.  So how could I bring this community together?  I started by analyzing my statistics and realized that you, my reader and my friends love the following:

  1.  The 30DaySlimDown Program (use code Kate10 for a discount on this body changing cleanse)
  2. Athleisure Style
  3. Clean Beauty
  4. Bright Colors
  5. My Braids
  6. And of course working out

After testing out a CorePower Yoga class I realized that I not only loved the workout but that they also aim to do the same thing.  To create a welcoming community and to live your best life.  Everything that I stand for on the blog and in my own life.  So I figured that the best way to bring everyone together would be to provide a complimentary class and also offer a swag bag containing our favorite products.  Again, this isn’t about me but about creating and embracing a community.

In addition, I’m partnering with my good friend and motivational mama, Lindsey Regan Thorne to bring awareness to an event like this and help build this community.  Like I mentioned in my last post I have been struggling recently to find my purpose in this blogging world and Lindsey has been my support system.  We have also been motivating one another on our post baby body journey transformation which as most you know is not easy.
CorePower Yoga with Kate Brennan

The event will be held on Tuesday June 6th at 10:30 AM.  Each participant will receive a swag bag of goodies!  There will also be a Braid Bar by T.Ried.Braid Bar at special CorePower Yoga Event

There will be a braid bar courtesy of T. Reid Salon!

Besides a complimentary class, each participant will also receive a swag bag which will contain the following:

  1. Supergoop! Product – my absolute favorite
  2. Ovi Hydration Waters – my weight loss secret
  3. Perfect Bars – My favorite and Nancy Anderson endorsed!
  4. An opportunity to win a free month at CorePower Yoga

Email: to secure your spot on June 6th at 10:30 !

Kate Brennan doing yoga at CorePower Yoga

Finally here is a little bit about the CorePower Yoga experience.  Their slogan, “Live Your Power” is a great explanation of their studio.  Typically, I only frequent yoga studios for a mental cleanse and often leave feeling like I need to get in an additional workout.  CorePower Yoga however is a very different experience than traditional yoga studios.  I personally love their sculpt class which includes weights and incorporates elements to get your heart rate pumping.  Not surprising, given their name, their core sequence was killer and left me sore for days.  With summer coming who doesn’t want to tone and define their abs?!  In summary, the traditional yoga stretching, combined with toning and cardio has convinced me to add CorePower Yoga into my weekly routine.   I highly suggest you do the same.

Looking forward to seeing you on June 6th at 10:30 am and to secure your spot:



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