Clean Up Your Skincare Routine & Skin With Kopari

Kopari Essentials Starter Kit & Kopari Coconut Deodorant

Recently I went to a dermatologist and my request was a simple one, “I’m 35 years old.  I want clear skin.”  Her response was a chemical peel, possible laser treatments, a round of antibiotics and a harsh topical chemical that can not be used while pregnant.  Not that I am pregnant but that warning has always been a red flag for me.  Desperate to put breakouts behind me I called the med spa that she recommended.  I made an appointment to see one of their aestheticians for a consolation and it seemed like thousands of dollars later along with multiple treatments and multiple visits I could finally have clear skin.  There has to be another way?!

I wasn’t sure if it was the money or the thought of my skin “shedding” for days that scared me more.  So I did my research online and decided to change my skincare routine.  Already of a fan of Kopari’s deodorant and it didn’t make me break out in one of the areas where I sweat the most I decided to try their starter skincare kit.  I’m a week in and I’m impressed.

Cleanse, Tone, and Hydrate Skin with

Kopari’s Beauty Essentials Starter Kit

It’s made with good-for-you, straight-from-nature, antioxidant-packed ingredients that restore, hydrate, and balance skin. It is also cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, phthalate-free & non-GMO.  Another reason I like the kit?  It is only three steps, well four if you include the lip gloss.  My nighttime skincare routine had become exhausting and time consuming.  My husband can attest to it.  Kopari’s Kit is three simple steps and done, well four if you include the gloss.


Clean, Balanced & Hydrated Skin In Four Steps

  1. Coconut Cleansing Oil – Removes makeup and cleanses your skin.  LOVE!
  2. Coconut Rose Toner – Tighten pores and keep redness at bay.  Redness along with breakouts is something I have struggled with.
  3. Coconut Face Cream – Hydrate, restore and soothe dry skin with this lightweight cream.
  4. Coconut Lip Glossy – Shea butter and coconut oil help hydrate dry lips and lock in moisture.  They now offer four shades!

A beauty must-have in my purse – Kopari lip glossy – now available in four shades!


Kopari Products Are Safe, Natural and Non-Toxic.

What does that mean anyway?

Cruelty Free    Paragon free    Gluten Free    Non-GMO    Phthalate Free   Sulfate Free

As you can imagine my bathroom vanity has turned into a Kopair beauty bar.  Given their ingredient list I’m okay with it and also let’s also be honest they are pretty to look at too.  Up next for me to try, the Coco Oil Pullers.  Swish, spit and shine your way to a healthier feeling mouth. Their oil pulling pouches reduce plaque and leaves teeth whiter, brighter and your mouth detoxified.  Now that I have detoxed my pits and my face why not do the same for my mouth?!

As mentioned in my last post I wanted to become a trusted source in the athleisure fashion, wellness and natural beauty.  So what better way to gain your trust than with a real life selfie.  Here I am waiting during pre-school pick-up.  This is one week after using the Kopari beauty essentials starter kit.

Kopari Skin Care


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